Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mainstream media bias and the mid-term elections: Whose side are they on? (Video)

Whose Side Is The Mainstream Media On Is For The Most Part Purely A Rhetorical Question

There exists little pretense on the part of the mainstream media as to whose side it is pulling for not only in the mid-term elections, but in any election that takes place in this country from president on down to dog catcher. I tried to develop an analogy that would equate to this bias, but drew a blank. On the other hand, it would be something like a soccer referee having money on one of the teams, or a pro basketball referee like Tim Donaghy fixing the game he was reffing. Scratch that, both happened and I really didn't draw a blank.

Can The Mainstream Media Try And "Fix" An Election?

Certainly not by going to the polling places and tampering with the machines or by shoving the hanging chads back into the holes. At least not yet. But there are ways that the MSM can try by simply stuffing the channels of communication with stories that are meant to make one side look exceedingly good while trying to make the other side look as bad as possible.

It can be done by trying to make the people at a Tea Party rally look like the lunatic fringe while canonizing participants at an Obama town hall meeting. The problem for fairness is that the majority of people in this country receive whatever news they actually watch from these mainstream news sources.

These slanted stories are presented as hard news in a very polished way, so how is one watching to differentiate between fact, fiction and opinion? The answer is that they most likely can't, so it is up to the alternative media to work as hard as it can to get the "fair and balanced" story out there, helped along the way by the incompetence of the other side.

Some Examples Of Biased "News" Presentations Care Of The Media Research Center

On ABC's World News Tonight last Thursday a video created by the White House of President Obama on a call with a cancer patient who was thanking him for the Healthcare Bill was presented as news:

On Monday of this week Matt Lauer of NBC is seen urging the President to push back harder against Republican attacks:

Similar examples could recently been found on ABC's This Week with Christiane Amanpour and on CNN in an interview with Lisa Miller of Newsweek.

The most interesting thing of all, however, is an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that found the following despite the biased coverage of the news:

Despite the MSM trying to sway public opinion, 54% of those polled say they want to see the Obama Healthcare Bill repealed, and 42% see the Tea Party as a good thing while only 18% see it as bad.

The capper is that the statistics above were found despite the fact that 59% of those polled say that they get their information from the MSM. This seems to prove that actual governmental actions speak louder than the biased coverage and spin of the MSM.

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  1. I'll find you another poll that tells you the opposite.
    No one's reporting the news anymore, not CNN, and certainly not FOX.
    The current state of politic coverage has less to to with the president's performance(His poll numbers are better than both Reagan and Clinton at this stage in their presidency), and more to do with the media indulging a few angry McCain voters in the misbegotten belief that they have somehow become a 'silent majority'and pushing that lie down the throats of other americans whose votes in 2008 are being actively denied and disrespected by the tea party.
    The media are as right wing as they come, most of their panels this election cycle don't even have a democrat in them.
    This whole thing is just about the media and their corporate masters keeping their tax cuts and tax loopholes to outsource jobs and explode the deficit.
    The current GOP tax plan would increase the deficit by 3.9 TRILLION!
    Hear anyone in the media talking about that?
    You all keep buying their propaganda and imagining you're punishing the democrats with a GOP vote, and you'll have the foxes right back in the hen house they were booted out of just two years ago.
    And the people who suffer for it will be you, cos the republicans have made it clear they don't give a damn about anyone who earns less than 250 000 a year.
    They also run on a platform of not caring about rape victims, the poor, alzheimers sufferers, the disabled, the old, minorities, women, gays, the unemployed, or in fact, anybody but themselves.
    The republiocan party's platform, supported by the media, has become one of unchristian selfishness. It's a sad end to the grand old party.

  2. I didn't realise comments on this website required moderation(approval), I expect my comment will never be seen, since like most right leaning websites, i expect yours is founded on the tenets of absolute agreement and uniformity amongst all those who venture here.
    PS : you could always 'man up' and prove me wrong by displaying my previous comment, but I won't be holding my breath.

  3. Good morning Anonymous:

    I post EVERY comment regardless of the opinion. Speaking of manning up, how about a real name instead of hiding behind the name anonymous?

    I definitely won't be holding my breath!