Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is it okay to burn the Holy Bible?

Panic Surrounding Rogue Pastor's Plan To Burn A Koran On The Anniversary Of 9/11

Political Correctness Run Amok As The President On Down Beg The Pastor From Florida Who Has About 50 Followers To Reconsider His Koran Burning Plan

The fear in the west concerning the potential backlash from the proposed burning of the Koran is most probably warranted. One need only look at the worldwide reaction from Muslims when a Dutch cartoonist published something not to their liking. Riots and death threats abounded.

The reactions of the west and of the Muslim world will typically vary in this regard. American Flag burning and rioting is more of the norm in some of these Muslim societies where in the west reactions to distasteful situations will be found most likely in editorials and on op-ed pages.

Christian missionaries may be kidnapped or killed based on the accusation of the "crime" of spreading Christianity, where in the United States and elsewhere there truly exists freedom of religion.

How many churches or synagogues have been built in the Muslim world...

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