Sunday, June 13, 2010

Does President Obama have Asperger's Syndrome?

President Obama's Behavior Is Not Just Fodder For Conservatives Anymore

With our homeland security and foreign and domestic policy in the hands of one man who believes that he can control it all with relative impunity, it begs the question: Is he up to the task both physically and mentally?

Much has been made recently by pundits over the way that President Obama has dealt with certain situations, as well as the way that he displays his emotions regarding them. These questions of Presidential behavior are not only coming from Republicans, but from staunch partisan Democrats such as James Carville and Maureen Dowd.

A psychotherapist from California, observing Obama from afar, poses the following concerning the President's background and current behavior...

Read all about what might be ailing the President by clicking here.

Homeland Security column at the Examiner by Michael Haltman

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  1. He has no symptoms of aspergers, more likely a sociopath- can't believe anyone would even raise such an assertion.