Sunday, April 25, 2010

Presidential priorities skewed?

Vacationing in North Carolina

The President and the First Lady traveled to North Carolina this weekend for a vacation from Washington, ahead of today's politically motivated stop to eulogize the miners killed in the tragic West Virginia coal mine blast. Also present will be Vice President Biden. During this "working" trip, the President was able to fit in two rounds of golf.

Historical note: While President Bush was regularly derided for his playing of golf, President Obama has already played eight more rounds in a year and a half than George W Bush played in his entire presidency.

Problems With The President and Presidency

The following statement in a report from The Washington Post concerning this mini-vacation, pinpoints the main problem with this presidency, although that is certainly not the intent:

"...But at least for a day and a half, aside from a few briefings, the president's usual packed schedule of meetings, speeches, motorcades and public events was replaced with more relaxing activities..."

Speeches and motorcades and public events are the presidential tools of a megalomaniac, someone obsessed with being in the spotlight to the exclusion of focusing on the issues that form the basis of his true job description. That of protecting the United States and it's citizens from the dangers within and without...

Read the full story at the Examiner by clicking here.

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