Friday, March 5, 2010

Dylan Ratigan video of Tea Party rant on MSNBC

How Not To Conduct An Interview

While "interviewing" Mark Williams of the Tea Party this week, Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC shows how to conduct a self-serving and biased episode rather than a substantive discussion meant to reveal the facts on a subject. Ratigan accused the Tea Party movement of welcoming Nazis and racists, and would not allow Williams to respond before cutting him off completely. This may be a style thought by MSNBC to drive ratings and attract viewers, but it obviously accomplishes the opposite result.

Ratigan was formerly at CNBC.

See the video at the Examiner.

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  1. Dylan, it's good to see you in the constraints of MSNBC. It is as natural and appropriate as seeing a turd in a toilet. I have a remote for one and a handle for the other. Problems solved.