Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When Reality Catches Up To Rhetoric

December Deadline To Iran Has Come and Gone

Funny thing about deadlines. They eventually come and then some next step needs to be taken. Is is possible that President Obama thought that deadlines were like the rest of his empty rhetoric? Or maybe he thought that his media allies would let it go by without a mention (which they for the most part have).

In any event, we are now at January 4th, and by my thinking a plan should have been in place, ready to execute when the Iranians, as expected, laughed in our faces. But true to form, we are, at the time for plan execution, only now working on a response. Hillary Clinton is speaking with our partners for their opinions as if they have forgotten that we are the superpower who should be calling the shots. We are also leaving the door open for Iran to still comply in typical wishy-washy administration form.

Why would any sane man or woman expect the Iranians to cave to this invisible form of pressure. In fact, Iran has imposed it's own deadline for the United States to agree to an Iranian plan.

When will it finally dawn on President Obama that Iran's word doesn't matter, it's promises don't matter, it's people don't matter to the Iranian leaders, that diplomacy won't work, and that sanctions have not and will not work! That backing down on threats will only embolden them and show them how weak under this administration the United States has become. Why is all of this so obvious to everyone but the President?

What scares me the most in this national security/foreign policy charade, is that President Obama and his minions are who we are relying on for our well being. We all must hope and pray that there is actually someone in this administration who has got a clue, and the ability to have it heard and potentially implemented.

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