Monday, January 18, 2010

Sex, the White House and Healthcare

We've Established What The White House Is, And Now We Are Just Haggling Over Price

Pardon this old, tasteless joke, but in the scheme of the behind closed doors, back room dealings required to potentially get the healthcare bill passed, it is somewhat apropos.

A man goes up to a woman in a bar and asks her if she would consider going back to his hotel room and staying the night for $5MM dollars? She thinks about it for a second and says that she would. The man then asks the same question, only he replaces the $5MM offer with $50. Indignant, the woman says absolutely not, what the hell do you think that I am? To which the man replies; "Madame, we've established that and now we are just haggling over price."

Whatever It Takes, And Whoever Needs To Be Taken Care Of To Push The Healthcare Bill Through

Hurdles still need to be jumped over in the Obama administration quest to push through what is hoped by the Democrats to be their signature legislation. In this process, both wheels and palms need to be greased in order to entice (purchase) those with reservations and concerns about the bill to jump on board.

If the legislation is so critical at this point in time and so well crafted, why do votes and endorsements need to be purchased? Even in the Washington way of doing things, the time, money, political capital and energy being spent on legislation that is so imperfect, expensive and inequitable is criminal.

This can only be described as a prime example of Washington doing it's best Chicago political machine imitation.

Newest Constituency Handed A Ticket Onto The Healthcare Bill Gravy Train: Unions Offered A Carrot Not Available To You And I

In order to assuage the unions who provide so much money to the Democrat party, and to bring them on board the healthcare bill express, a deal was cut in order to limit the protests from this key constituency. In continuing the process of buying off those who stand in the way of this legislation, the Obama administration moved the effective date for any new excise tax on these "Cadillac" plans to 2018. This move that caters to one key constituency would reduce the amount expected to be raised by new taxes by $60 billion, but maintain the loyalty of a key donor group.

It is no wonder than the American publics opinion of Congress and the presidency is what it is. A bill most people do not want. A bill very few of our representatives, if any, ever read. A partisan process with one party totally excluded. Details, in what was supposed to be a completely transparent administration unknown because all is done behind closed doors. Vote buying in ways that favor one state and not others that may actually be unconstitutional. Sweetheart deals provided for those groups and organizations who donate large sums of campaign contributions to the Democrat party.

While to an extent this is how the process works, the healthcare bill has even gone beyond what is normally considered to be the acceptable Washington business as usual.

From New York Homeland Security at the Examiner

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