Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Petition To Seat Scott Brown

The Election Is Over, And It Was Not Even Close

Scott Brown won the Senate seat in Massachusetts in convincing fashion last night, so that there is no reason for any delay in seating him. Unless of course, the Democrats are looking to play political games for the sole purpose of cramming a healthcare bill down the American publics throats. This bill, by the way, is one of the major reasons for the democrat defections in the election that cost them their 60 seat super-majority.

If you believe that this in no time for games, that it is time for the system to work the way that it should, click on the link and sign the petition to seat Scott Brown immediately. This is not just a Massachusetts issue. It is New York, California, Texas, Florida and every other state in the country.

The people spoke. Scott Brown won the election– and now it is time for Senator Brown to be sworn in. No more games, no more political schemes – Seat Senator Brown!
The government takeover of our health care system will impact America for generations to come. This issue is too important for politicians to play games and cut back room deals. It is time to Seat Senator Brown so he can represent the voice of the people of Massachusetts.
Make your voice heard and tell the Senate to Seat Senator Brown. Sign the petition now.

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