Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama Mea Culpa Is On The Way Today

President Obama To Give Speech Today On Failures and Future Plans After Failed Detroit Bombing

In typical Obama administration fashion, he is going to come on the airwaves to tell the American public how the intelligence community failed to connect the dots (their failure, not his), and how he is now going to institute new security measures such as many more air marshalls on flights (always reactive, never proactive).
The failure of the intelligence community is only part of the problem here, and any new measures only part of the solution.
The Problem Is Obama Himself

For all of its flaws, the system in place now is very much the system that has been in place since the attacks on 9/11. Having an air marshall sitting 10 rows back from a man with a bomb would not have stopped him from setting it off (profiling may have though).
The Obama administration will make a show of toughness, but what the attack indicates is that the world sees Obama for who he is, and his administration for what it is. WEAK, INDECISIVE AND AFRAID TO MAKE A MOVE OF SUBSTANCE for fear of angering some other country or group. It is more than just a coincidence that this type of attack did not occur during the Bush administration.
As stated before, love him or hate him, his goal was not to be liked around the world, but it was to protect the American people. 

Speech giving will not solve the problem and security platitudes that are more for show than actual effectiveness will not solve the problem. Our chance is that Obama himself can become a true, tough and decisive leader who can instill fear in enemies like al-Qaeda instead of contempt for his weakness.
We are in trouble!

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