Monday, December 28, 2009

President Obama: What A Difference A Year Makes

A Look Back At The Year That Was

As I opined during the presidential elections and after, now President Obama was as they say in Lotto speak, elected on a dollar and a dream. The dollar was the record amount raised through an internet campaign for donations that worked to a T. The dream was experienced by all of the citizens that voted for him hoping that the allegations from the right were just that. The hope was that he was not just an inexperienced liberal senator who ran as the not-Bush candidate. All of his nicks and cuts, some rather large, were for the most part ignored by an electorate taken in by rhetoric and the smoothly spoken word.

Here we are, almost one year later, and this President is experiencing low approval from the country. A little buyers remorse you might say as the dissatisfaction with his performance comes from both the right and the left. As the polling data below shows, it has been a slippery slope down from the euphoria of inauguration time to where we sit today.

The lesson to be learned is that people need to be careful what they wish for, because CHAGE for CHANGE sake without really knowing what it is you are getting yourself into, can sometimes be as bad as the status quo.

It is now time for President Obama to set his agenda and priorities on what the country really needs at this point. True economic stimulus and jobs creation for all of the federal money that is being spent, as well as the strong national security that the country needs to have. As the cherry on top, perhaps a return to our standing as the worlds superpower.

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