Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terror Trial, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. Are Not Independent Events

Hope and Change or Truth or Consequences

What Credibility Does Mr. Obama Think That He Has?

He Talks of Consequences In Iran While Allowing Terrorists To Go On Trial In Civilian Court In The United States


Talk and rhetoric are cheap as the nation and the world has witnessed since the campaign that brought President Obama into office. Actual experience and actions in the election unfortunately took a back seat to speechmaking and smear campaigns. What was the reality for those who fell over each other to pull the lever for Obama was the incessant use of the phrase Hope and Change. Great marketing created from the bowels of a high priced wordsmith hired by the campaign and tested in focus groups for effectiveness.

While that smoke and mirrors may well have fooled those who put him in office, countries such as Russia and China eat his words for lunch. These leaders understand one thing and one thing only. It is not the well turned phrase, but the assumed willingness to back up those phrases with action.

More than flowery speech, those who pass for our allies are keenly aware of the reality behind the Obama words. Statements such as:

"begun discussions with its international partners about the importance of having consequences" "It is going to take time and part of the challenge that we face is that neither North Korea nor Iran seem to be settled enough politically to make quick decisions on these issues."

fools no one into actually believing them. Statements made regarding the fact that the leadership in Iran has only so much time before the United States loses its patience are dismissed out of hand. What credibility does Obama have? As the leader of the worlds last superpower he is holding all of the cards. He has pocket aces with the other two on the table. Unfortunately he is playing it out as if he has no hand with 8 as his high card. Russia and China understand strength. They understand the making of tough, firm and globally unpopular decisions that serve their own countries best interests and they see the United States wanting only to appease.


President Obama is not viewed as decisive or tough. To the contrary he is viewed as extremely weak. He will make decisions to placate other countries to the detriment of our. The recent decision by Eric Holder/Obama for reasons that only the two of them understand could be viewed metaphorically as the straw that broke the camels back in terms of the ultimate insult to the American people and butt kissing to the world. Or at least certain parts of the world. The decision I speak of is the one to try the terrorists involved in the 9/11 bombing in a civilian court in New York as opposed to a quick and easy military tribunal resulting in a quick execution.


Can you imagine for a second that the Russians or Chinese were faced with the same choice? They look at this decision and laugh. That the United States is affording a trial with a jury of peers to these terrorists. Who will comprise this jury of their peers might be one question. Another would be that these mass murderers of American civilians and military are being given rights of any kind. We have the ability to mete out swift judgment while offering these terrorists due process. It is called a military tribunal. After all, is this not where they belong?


At the end of the day our standing in the world has been severely diminished under this administration to the detriment of our national security. The left will say that we are now liked around the world, reversing the damage done by President Bush. The logical thinker will say that we as a nation are much less secure after only a little less than a year of President Obama. It is all well and good to be liked, but if you are not respected, you put the country you were put in office to protect in grave danger.


Hope and Change or Truth or Consequences



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  2. mike...ironically no one likes or respects that regard your words make sense...any other spewing from you is garbage...

  3. ny name from now on is phony exposer..your # 1 on the list

  4. Now that is ironic, because my new name is liberal coward ignorant exposer, and you will never guess who is number one on that list.

    But enough of the kindergarten banter, the teflon president has finally been exposed.

  5. i want to point out few things about russia-it does not eat its words. but it says 4 different things at the same time-they will support nuclear stations in iran, they will be against nuclear policy of iran, they will give s-300 to iran and all of those-at the same time. they have their ambitions on middle east and thats it. wht about obama-his policy is great and i think that if not obama-the situation could be much worse.