Monday, November 30, 2009

The Megalomaniacal President and the Impotent IAEA

Exercise For The Kids Starts in One Place: The President Of Course

Regardless of whether we speak of healthcare, elections, the Olympics or the health of our children, it is all Obama, all of the time. NFL Play 60 is a program designed to get kids off of the couch and out exercising. As if NFL players are not enough, President Obama is out there catching a pass in slow motion for inspiration.

Big Bad IAEA

(Tehran Times) "...Twenty-five members of the 35-nation board, including Russia and China, voted in favor of the resolution. The resolution criticized Iran for beginning construction of a new uranium enrichment facility at Fordo, which is near Qom, and demanded that it immediately halt its construction. It also criticized Iran for defying a UN Security Council call for it to suspend uranium enrichment..." 

Russia and China are now supposedly on board for some nebulous criticism against Iran that covers the rogue nations refusal to cease uranium enrichment and construction of a new enrichment facility. In response to this resolution which does not even represent sanctions, Iran has said that it will no longer cooperate with the IAEA.

(NewsRoom America) "...IAEA Director General, Mohamed ElBaradei, said last week he had reached a "dead end" with Iran, noting that there had been no movement in over a year in resolving outstanding issues related to its nuclear programme..."

So here the world sits, twiddling its collective thumbs while blowing smoke at a regime that is laughing in all of our faces. How much longer will this be permitted to continue? Until we see the red glare of a ballistic missile being launched? I hope that the Obama administration does not point to the actions of the Chinese and Russians as an example of some kind of foreign policy victory, because it is far from that. Just more toothless rhetoric from a toothless organization (United Nations) that passes for the proxy police for the nations of the world which do not have the gumption or the stomach to deal with the problem at hand.

Will the one year mentioned by El Baradei stretch into two, three or more while we threaten, cajole and pray that this regime does not develop, pass on and/or use the nuclear technology they are so close to possessing? Not with Israel in the wings. They will do the worlds dirty work and then be condemned for it. As that country knows, however, inaction is not an option.

Picture courtesy of Tehran Times

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  1. I still believe that we're living in a direct parallel to mid to late 1930's Europe, and Obama is playing the role of Neville Chamberlain.