Friday, November 27, 2009

Live From West Point...It's President Obama

As If Making The Afghanistan Announcement From West Point Fools Anyone

It has been close to 90 days since the demands made by General McCrystal were aired, and the leisurely process seems to be finally winding down despite itself. The healthcare plan has passed the initial hurdle to get to the Senate floor, so the field is clear to make an announcement on troop strength and strategy.

Now if this was a war the way that WWII was a war and President Obama was a general, we would have been in big trouble. If every decision that is "critical" takes 90 days of gnashing of the teeth to be made, his title could easily be changed from Commander to Procrastinator-in-Chief. The world has seen the President in action and they smell his weakness and indecision the way that a dog smells his dinner. It is obvious to all that he is a master of rhetoric and a failure at prioritizing the needs of the country.

Dealing with the war in Afghanistan or politicking and lobbying for the Olympics? Jobs creation or healthcare? Less taxes on those who can least afford it or more? Tax breaks to small business, one of the primary engines of job creation or more insidious regulation and tax obligations to choke off recovery? The needs of the rank and file or the building of some grand tapestry that he and his cronies envision for the country the same way that Mao envisioned it for China? 

Master Of The Metaphor

Now that the wait is winding down, it is obviously no time to announce this long awaited war strategy decision from the Oval Office. That would be a somber way to let the country and the world know. No, this announcement is to big a photo op to let go to waste that way. For the prime time president, his ego and his handlers, the perfect spot needed to be found which would provide the backdrop for a president of this stature.

Where else but in front of young cadets at West Point. What President Obama needs to try and remember is that this decision is not about him. It is about our country and the overall security of the world.


  1. For Obama, the West Point setting is no different than last year's styrofoam pillars; it's just a backdrop for a speech.

    I loathe the way this man uses the military as stage dressing.

  2. The sad thing is that the sheeple will eat that up, as will me media.

  3. well as the media, that is.

  4. I don't know about that. His teflon is wearing a little bit thin.