Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Contact Lens?

Yet Another Example Of Portrayed American Weakness Under The Obama Administration
Bows to the Emperor of Japan at a perfect 90 degree angle

Bows to the King Of Saudi Arabia at slightly less than 90 degrees
Metaphorically Bowing To Russia and China At A Full 90 degrees As They Call The Shots
May As Well Be Bowing In Iran and Afghanistan

Focus On The Japanese and Saudi Bow

Merely a show of respect according to the mainstream media and not an act of subservience.
Just a show of respect to a foreign leader.
Roll that around the tongue for a few seconds and it starts to sound as if it may even be okay.
A show of respect for the King of Saudi Arabia and the long list of suspect actions committed or sanctioned by that regime as well as the country of the 9/11 bombers.

Hypocrisy Of The Media

Let me ask you this then. A few days ago I wrote a short article entitled "Saluting The American Flag Optional?" with pictures of the President along with members of his administration as well as members of the military. All with hands over heart or salutes save for one. You guessed it, the President.

Now if bowing to foreign leaders is apparently an accepted show of respect, what then is the refusal to show our own flag respect? Hmmmm.

The feedback I got was that this accusation of a lack of patriotism was a non-starter. That for the Star Spangled Banner, unlike the Pledge of Allegiance, the hand over the heart or a salute was optional. A show of patriotism is never optional for a president, unless of course he doesn't feel it. He is the role model for the women, children and men of the country. What lesson is he teaching?


  1. not everyone could be as athletic as you mike...ever hear of a herniated disc? your blog is so deep....intellectual....your looking pretty bad today....other bloggers like you look down on you are a low end blogger..the catfish of blogging...a bottom feeder...a no content slob...who plagerizes

  2. Did you happen to see The View today? Elisabeth Hasselbeck set the record straight on this picture. It's not from Veteran's Day, but from Memorial Day. And the reason that Obama doesn't have his hand over his heart is that he just arrived and the military men/women are saluting him. The picture of Veteran's Day shows him with his hand over his heart. Obviously, he's learned that lesson from when he was campaigning and wouldn't wear a flag lapel pin or put his hand over his heart then.

    But...I do agree he should not be bowing.

  3. Actually if you click on the link to my recent post on that picture I cite that it is from Memorial Day.

    In any event, we agree that the leader of the free world should not be bowing to anyone. Thanks for commenting.