Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2012? With Our Leadership We Should Worry Today!

Relax Everybody: Healthcare Was Cleared For Debate In The Senate

Home from an Asian trip that was a waste of presidential time and taxpayer money, the President is back on his laser point of healthcare reform and Afghanistan procrastination, national security be damned.

Returning from his recent trip to Asia with very little to show for it, particularly from the Chinese, the situation with the Iranians continues to just float by as nothing is done, and our two main allies show little interest in doing anything, sanctions included.

In the meantime the Iranians are conducting military and air force war games designed to illustrate it's capabilities at fighting back any attempts to take out it's nuclear plants, most likely by the Israelis.

(Post-Gazette)"If the enemy tries its luck and fires a missile into Iran, our ballistic missiles would zero in on Tel Aviv before the dust settles on the attack," said Mojtaba Zolnour, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's representative in the Revolutionary Guard Corps, told state news agency IRNA on Saturday."

What exactly is the Obama plan. Obviously Russia and China have little chance of being coerced into joining us in our attempts to stop Iran. Did President Obama articulate to the leaders in China that we will deal with this problem, with them preferably, but without them if they refuse? That is doubtful, and goes with the commander in chief style of Obama which is to appease and placate, while accomplishing absolutely nothing.

What is his loyalty to our ally Israel? Does he have it's back? Will Israel be hung out to dry having to do the worlds dirty work in Iran and then pay the consequences?

While On The Subject, What's Up With This Terror Trial?

It is still hard to fathom what the President and his Attorney General are thinking with the decision to hold a criminal trial in New York rather than a swift and efficient military tribunal at Gitmo. Is it to show the world how fair the United States is? Is it to give the terrorists the ability to hammer the United States during the course of a trial? Is it to put the people of New York in danger once again? Is it to provide the potential to expose covert operatives? Or maybe it is to have the opportunity to have these terrorists released on a technicality.

Any way you slice it, it is just one more example of how inexperienced and ineffectual this President is. That, to the detriment of a nation and the world. Not that polls matter, but the American public is not behind the decision to have this trial (see above).


  1. how about your recomendation of leadership..ann coultor, mike haltman, rush limbaugh, bobby jindal,and we can bring back george bush....time will be the tell tale sign of this administration..we will not jump into a war by declaring weapons of mass destruction that aren't there..mainly because you wouldn't send your kids to the army....kids die you fucking war monger...send your kids you fucking coward..all talk no action again mike right?your a pussy

  2. I am going to pay you the highest compliment for your ilk (whatever that is): you are the consummate liberal. Head in the ground looking to have something done to you, rather than dealing with it before.

    You have your head up your ass, but that is nothing new for you and the rest of the 30 something percent that still supports the job our President is doing.

    Notice how I say our President, because for better or worse he is representing all of us in everything he does. He will hopefully figure the job out soon before it is too late.

    Keep expressing your thoughts, because every time you open your anonymous mouth, you reveal a little bit more about how ignorant you really are.

  3. will you lets your kids sign up for a tour mike???? answer the question one time...the question you constatntly avoid...i've posed it foreever and you just ignore it..ignoring it tells us all your answer..

  4. You are an idiot. I don't want my kids to be a coal miner, so does that mean the country should live without energy? I would prefer my kids not be Alaskan crab fisherman, so does that mean crab should not be harvested? I would prefer that my kids not have to go to war, but does that mean the country should go unprotected? No parent wants their kids to go to war.

    You are probably the most naive individual in the world, save for everyone else on the left.

    Let me repeat: You are an absolute idiot incapable of any type of free thought. Stick to your left wing, liberal guns and you and your buddies will end up speaking Arabic, the same way America would be speaking German if an Obama like President was in power during WWII.

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