Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is A Potential Missile Attack Just A Figment Of The Conservative Imagination?

The Left Would Have You Believe That It Is

Whenever I opine on the incredible dangers that exist around the world regarding the proliferation of nukes in the wrong peoples hands, the general consensus from the left is that there really is no actual problem. Their naive and tongue in cheek response will be to go in and nuke them out of existence before any launch is possible to alleviate the problem. Isn't that what George Bush would do they say? Of course this the the polar opposite to the actual liberal view. That view would have us kowtow to our enemies and kill them with diplomacy. Sanctions would be the next least preferable action with military force a far distant third.

This could lead us into a discussion of the weak, almost non-existent presence of credible foreign policy and national security measures under the new administration, but instead I will stick to the proliferation issue.

If the answer was as simple as going in and taking out the country that posed a clear and imminent threat to either the United States or one of our allies, that would be one thing. There would certainly be cross-currents and serious ramifications to that type of strategy, but should Iran appear ready to fire, it could be done. The problems in the world today unfortunately goes much deeper.

It is not necessarily the country doing the actual manufacturing of either the weapons or nuclear material, but the confluence of rogue states and organizations that would be eager to purchase them, and even more eager to use them. That is why it is so critical to cut off the potential source.

If the left could lose the obsession with focusing on the Bush years and look at the present and the future, even they would be able to see the immensity of the problem. What are the chances of a light going off over the collective liberal head? About as good as Nancy Pelosi winning Miss Congeniality at the Miss America contest.

That said, the video below is a sobering look at the problem.


  1. plenty of crazy countries with nukes mike.....lets nuke all of them today before they nuke us.....won't matter to your demented religious right asshole attitude because you'll be in canada with your family..maybe you would send your kids to fight..but your wife won't....your a cold person mike.....would you let your kids fight mike?or like all of your compadre's let other peoples kids die for you..that's more like you and your attitude...

  2. I understand the left wing blathering, but come up to the surface and give an idea of what actually needs to be done. No reference to Bush, Cheney or right wing. What is your solution?

    Think. Think. Think.

    But don't hurt anything.