Friday, October 16, 2009

Iran: Whose Side Are Russia and China On Anyway?

The Easy Answer Is That Russia Is On Russia's Side and China is on China's Side

Diplomacy sanctions or force? That is the question. Whether it is nobler to continue down the path of a diplomatic solution, impose harsh sanctions or take out the Iranian nuclear installations by force is the question being bandied about by the nations negotiating with this rogue regime.

When we speak of the Iranian nuclear capability, it is Russia that is enabling them to build it. When we speak of Iranian missile defense it is Russia that is enabling them to build it. From an economic standpoint, Russia is in no hurry to impose sanctions on its trading partner. The same can be said for China who is dependent on Iranian oil to fuel its economic growth.

Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that sanctions imposed now would be premature. China Thursday had glowing comments about its growing economic alliance with Iran. So when, according to these two countries, would the time be right? The larger question, which is really a rhetorical one, is whether Russia and China are really our allies in this battle at all, or just self-serving players in this negotiation charade? The answer is obvious, and before the world reaches the nuclear day after tomorrow, action has to be taken.

In essence the United States is negotiating against itself. We have the spoken desire to examine the potential of sanctions, but the reality is that this dance is going to go on for quite some time, while the danger continues to grow and grow.

To compound the problem is the fact that the rhetoric of President Obama is not taken very seriously by anyone!

What Is The Success Rate Of Sanctions Anyway?

As discussed here before, the idea of sanctions is that they represent a consumer of time and a delay of the inevitable anyway. Totalitarian regimes that could care less about its people will not be affected, and will continue on their merry way aided by back door efforts by countries that circumvent the sanctions.

In the end, military force will be used by someone to at least delay the efforts of Iran and its' nuclear ambitions.

Some Statistics

(Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy): "Historically, economic sanctions have a poor track record. Between 1914 and 1990, various countries imposed economic sanctions in 116 cases. They failed to achieve their stated objectives in 66 percent of those cases and were at best only partially successful in most of the rest.1 Since 1973, the success ratio for economic sanctions has fallen precipitously to 24 percent for all cases"


  1. i agree mike, the only course to take is to nuke iran and north korea before they nuke us....what ya say we do it this afternoon...why chit rush and ask him to put in a good word on nuking by noon....i'll speak to you next time from canada as you flee the country with your kids you fucking coward

  2. The sound you just heard was my yawn at your predictable and simple minded comments.

  3. yes ..predictable and simple minded ...but true