Monday, October 26, 2009

All The News Considered Fit To Dispense

According To The White House That Is

What does it take to be considered a viable news outlet by the Obama administration? Put another way, what type of news delivery is considered to be welcome and what type is considered persona non grata in the White House press room? In the new way of doing business in Washington, to be welcome there is only one way to both gather and dispense the news; with blinders on the eyes, a government issue mouthpiece and/or muzzle, earplugs and a closed mind.

Simply put, as long as you tow the line, report what they want you to report in the way they want you to report it, ask nothing tougher than fluff questions and get tough on citizens who for one reason or another may disagree with policy (i.e. Tea Party participants), you will have earned your way to the first class section of Air Force One. Divert in any way from this path, and you will find yourself on the runway or with an aggressive administration attempt made against your credibility and very existence.

Needless to say that in any White House there will be a media outlet or two who is overtly disliked, but today there is one feared and reviled in an unprecedented way. In the partisan world of the Democrat controlled Congress and White House, the style utilized by this television station is as foreign to our politicians as foreign policy is. It is the reporting on both sides of an issue that is frowned upon, with attempts made to punish and prevent it. The approach of digging into a story and getting down to the nitty gritty facts is all well and good as long as the outcome is the way the White House wants it to be.

As an example, when a well-known mainstream media figure was asked about ACORN and said that he wasn't really following the story, the White House loved it although it does not help the viewers watching. 

Heavy Handed Attempt By The Obama Administration to Stifle Dissent

The old saying that there is nothing to fear but fear itself has some relevance in the current White House. If administration policies are true and in the best interest of the American people, then why shouldn't they bear up well under the scrutiny of the press or any other method of investigation? The simple fact is that if you are telling the truth, whether it be about policy, budgets or anything else, you should welcome the investigation, as it would only make your position more credible. When any attempt to verify or seek out those facts are met with protests, it raises red flags. 

Now I am not here to argue about the partisan nature of the media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC, but why is it, do you suppose, that they are the very welcome guests of the Obama minions and Obama himself? Could it be, to the detriment of the American public, that they are in the pocket of the administration? That whether it be an Obama infomercial disguised as a press conference or any other event, they can be counted on to fall into line and only report things in a certain, administration friendly way? Who is telling the American public the real story, and why is the attempt being made to usher them out of the door?

As I am sure you have guessed by now, this "rogue" media outlet I speak of is Fox News.

Even The Other Networks Have A Limit (If Limited Backbone)

The White House may have actually gone to far in the attempt to portray Fox as nothing more than a visual version of talk radio or a basic partisan mouthpiece for the conservative right. When the edict was issued to exclude Fox from an interview with Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg, the other members of the "pool" of stations mentioned above (excluding MSNBC) said that if this was the case they would not participate either.  To reach the level that would lead these networks to issue an ultimatum about media access concerning Fox, the President has gone well beyond the pale.

Perhaps the White House focus should be on issues other than on excluding media critical of its actions, on developing a socialist domestic policy and on hiring of a multitude of Czars. Some of that energy should instead focus on creating foreign policy designed to protect the country, a domestic policy centered on job creation and an improved economy and fighting the corruption within the Democrat party itself. In other words, live up to a standard that could withstand scrutiny of any kind. This petty and arrogant focus on trying to stifle anything considered to shine a negative light on the administration is not only an embarrassment, but an outrage as well. 


  1. just like everyone realizes fox news is bullshit they realize this trash you spew is the same stupid of you to complain about seeing the president...cheney/bush you never saw...their incompetancy suggested they hide..they did a good job hiding right mike?

  2. archie bunker haltman..."those were the days"