Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee With Your Bagel And Schmeer

New York City Forced To Welcome The U.N. General Assembly While A Terror Alert Is Issued

As New York welcomes back diplomats and world leaders to the U.N. General Assembly, this yearly photo opportunity bonanza with typically little tangible results, the Department of Homeland Security issued an elevated terror alert for mass transit systems around the country. The weapon is feared to be backpack bombs similar to those used in subway bombings overseas.

Take a look at the map and you will get an idea of the scope of the problem trying to safeguard something of this size.

These diplomats and world leaders, led by President Obama today, who are converging on New York don't have to worry about using mass transit (although some such as Gadhafi may have trouble finding a place to stay). In this yearly pilgrimage which causes an enormous amount of upheaval to the daily lives of New Yorkers, "dignitaries" are safely and comfortably ensconced in limousines, driving down empty streets closed by the police for their own security.

This while the citizens of the City, operating under a new terror alert aimed at mass transit systems, are forced to take this very form of transportation as getting around the streets by bus or cab becomes a nightmare. As tens of thousands of people are forced underground, Ahmadinejad and Gadhafi will be driving overhead.

How ironic that New York, considered by some to be the signature city of the Country, is put into the position to welcome some of the very leaders and nations who would like to destroy it. As they say it is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, housed in the U.N.

The very U.N. that New York would gladly see move elsewhere, funded in a majority way by the U.S., and which does extremely little to further any of our major issues.

(AP)"... Publicly, law enforcement officials have repeatedly said they are unaware of a specific time or target for any attacks. Privately, officials speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case said investigators have worried most about the possible use of backpack bombs on New York City trains, similar to attacks carried out in London in 2005 and Madrid in 2004.

Backpack bombs ripped apart four commuter trains and killed 191 people in Madrid on March 11, 2004. On July 7 the next year, bombing attacks in London killed 52 subway and bus commuters.
In a bulletin issued Friday, the FBI and Homeland Security Department warned that improvised explosive devices are the most common tactic to blow up railroads and other mass transit systems overseas. And they noted incidents in which bombs were made with peroxide.

In the bulletin, obtained by The Associated Press, officials recommended that transit systems conduct random sweeps at terminals and stations and that law enforcement make random patrols and board some trains and buses.
The effects of the warning were not immediately clear Monday. New York's transit agency said it was in touch with an FBI-NYPD task force but wouldn't comment further.

The task force feared Zazi may have been involved in a potential plot involving hydrogen peroxide-based explosives, according to two law enforcement officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation..."


  1. selfish young republicans like yourself are probably bundled up in some 1 million $ house out in the suburbs somewhere.....your words are insincere.....meaning...everyone knows you don't care about anything but less taxes for mike..

  2. As always, thanks for the relevant comments. Do you have an opinion on terrorism, or do you think we have nothing to worry about.

    As always, take you head out of your ass.

  3. i don't comment because your responses are hypocritical...if these domestic raids didn't happen you take the administration to task and if they do happen you take the administration to think only one way it's either bad bad...that's why your an asshole in your views

  4. Are you capable of understanding that the source of the people committing these acts are Afghanistan and Pakistan among others, and the information obtained comes for one through interrogations done the right way.

    Obama, led by the far-left, wants to abandon Afghanistan, play patty cake with Iran and tie the hands of those obtaining the information through interrogation.

    In answer to your next comment I am not saying to bomb those country's out of the water, but the time will come sooner rather than later when action away from the farcical negotiating table will have to be taken.

    That will turn stopped attacks into disasters. Tell our President that Anonymous wants him to stop catering to the most left part of your party, and to do what is right. To worry less about healthcare and re-election and more about national security.

    Thanks for a comment slightly more cogent.

  5. obama is escalating in never answer the questions only pose other the way our country is doomed if the gop gets in for re-election..though thats impossible anyway

  6. Escalating what? You read the papers. Additional troop deployments, as requested by the commander on the ground, will be decided on by Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her ilk after healthcare has been taken care of, which should be sometime in 2010 if then.

    We have to go back to take your head out of your ass. You left me no choice.

  7. nancy pelosi or jenny sanford???for president?