Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama and Healthcare: Rhetoric Or Reality?

Look What We Are Going To Do And It Won't Cost You A Dime?

Focus group tested, was it everything that you wanted to hear, or did you hear everything that the President thought you wanted?

Reaching out across the aisle?: If you are using scare tactics or spreading misinformation (plus about 8 other adjectives), we will call you out.

Just a few observations from the Obama speech:

Number one, Rep. Joe Wilson should not have said what he said in the forum that he said it. But he still should have said it. For those that did not see the speech, when President Obama said "The reforms I propose would not apply to illegal aliens", Representative Wilson shouted out "You lie". He could have extended that to the majority of politicians.

Number two, Nancy Pelosi deserves the weekend off after the hard workout she had during the Obama address. I didn't count, but she must have done 40 to 50 butt lifts.

Number three, was the Presidents tort reform statement real or a rhetorical bone to the Republicans. When he said defensive medicine "may" contribute to health care costs, it would lead me to think that it was rhetoric. Would he really look to bite the hand that feeds him?

Number four, if the government can't clean up the current waste in medicare and medicaid which are on the way to going bust, are we to believe the government can handle this? Remember cash for clunkers, a mere $3 billion, straight forward program. They didn't do very well with that one. If you are a dealer still waiting on your money, raise your hand.

Number 5, although the public option aspect seemed to be pulled back some, in what form will it actually be disguised? The idea would be to give private insurance companies a set period of time to bring down costs and to cover additional people, and if they don't it would "trigger" a public option. What is the time frame and/or other parameters? Is this just a backdoor way of getting to the same point?

Finally, Senator Max Baucus says this bill will be brought to a vote in his committee with or without Republican support, although he says that with a public option the bill would fail in a full Senate vote. Has this debate really been bi-partisan?


  1. your party leader rush limbaugh was QUOTED as saying no way wilson should have a religious right right right southern man as your party leader....this asshole will bring you the way joe wilsons daughter had an abortion .

  2. Do you reread the crap you write before you hit the send button. You have one ridiculous, recurring theme. Here's an idea: Get new material and write your own blog.

    That will never happen though, because you have no ideas, and you obviously can't write.

    Keep up the good work. You are a fine liberal representative.

  3. did rush say that? how about answering the questions with answer not another avoiding the reality question?

  4. Huh? You said: "how about answering the questions with answer not another avoiding the reality question?"

    Beyond the fact that I don't understand what you are saying, where exactly in your first comment was a question?

    Thanks as always for your participation.

  5. your an's that for participation???????

  6. lol, this is a funny thread. These guys like to stay anonymous I've noticed, which adds to my amusement.