Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joe Wilson Versus Charlie And His Congressional "Angels"

Why Is This Man Smiling?

You'd be smiling too if you knew that ethically you could get away with anything just short of murder, even as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Meet Charlie Rangel. His Committee "has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs and other revenue-raising measures" in the United States. Lucky for him that he can write the law, but doesn't necessarily have to follow the law.

Some Of The Indiscretions That Charles Rangel Is Accused Of:
  • Failure to disclose all of his assets and earned income.
  • Improper vehicle storage in a House parking lot for years.
  • May have violated New York State housing law, House gift rules and campaign finance laws.
  • Failure to disclose rental income on a villa he owns in the Dominican Republic.
  • Helped preserve a tax loophole that benefited a firm allegedly contributing to his campaign. If this was pay to play multiple offenses may be on the table.
  • Soliciting funds for an outside venture using Capital stationary, a violation of House rules.
So He Must Be In A Lot Of Trouble, Right?

Remember this? Democrats taking over in Congress promised a new era of commitment to higher ethical standards.

Well, the ethics probe of Rangel is now over a year old, he has said the problems are all clerical in nature and/or an oversight, he is still in charge of his powerful committee and Nancy Pelosi is going to wait until the confidential results of the probe are released. Well who do you think is helping to "investigate" Rangel. Members whose campaigns he has contributed to. 

The end result, unless the situation becomes politically to hot to handle, is that there will be no end result. Unlike you or I, he will no doubt get off Scot free. Remember the pledge to "drain the swamp" and clean up when the Democrats came back into power?

The stench you are smelling is a very full swamp under a hot noon day sun filled with rotting garbage.

Representative Joe Wilson, However, Earns A Quick "Resolution of Disapproval"

During the Obama speech on healthcare, at a point in the discussion concerning the coverage of illegals, Joe Wilson took exception to a point the President made and reflexively shouted out "you lie". It was wrong to shout that out, although he was most likely correct in the thought, and he quickly apologized to the President. The Democrat Party leadership however, wanted more. They wanted yet another apology, this time on the floor of the House which Wilson, rightfully, refused to do. Had he complied, he could have avoided the slap on the wrist he actually received.

So for offending the senses of members of the House, Nancy Pelosi was able to get a reprimand vote to the floor only one week after this "major" transgression took place by Joe Wilson. Charlie Rangel, who has committed what appear to be significant and many violations of House rules, and also apparently the crime of tax evasion, is still under investigation a year later.

Looks like the swamp is about to overrun its banks.


  1. na na nananana...hey mike run out of things to write about...your religious right wing garbage sounds moronic....the reason joe wilson is in the press and not charlie rangel is because wilson is an asshole....like you... his wife when she heard someone shouted out "you lie" said publically..."what asshole would do that" there is trouble in gop land...will the next team be bobby jindal and rush limbaugh? or rush limbaugh /bobby jindal...maybe ..joe wilson..he's brillant

  2. Charlie Rangel breaking the law sounds moronic. You should run for office on the Anonymous ticket. You would fit right in with your liberal pals. Your slogan could be:

    It's not what you can do for your country, it's what can I take from the till.

    Sounds like a liberal winner!

  3. stick to whatever you define yourself as ..because humor is not your thing.....your like every other young republican except your an old republican