Friday, September 25, 2009

If You Thought You Were The Only One, You're Wrong!

Did you ever get the feeling that you were having a dream, and the only character was Barack Obama? You would leave the house, there he was. You would get on a bus. There he was. Drive to a new town. Who do you think is the only one walking down Main Street? You got it, President Obama. Well apparently you are not alone.

Capped off this week by his visit to Letterman, speech at the U.N., speech at the G 20, television commercial on healthcare, song about him sung by the school children in New Jersey (like a song that would be sung to Kim Jung-il, it seems that wherever you turn, Big Brother is there.

As the cartoon above depicts, exposure can be a good thing, but with overexposure you run the real risk of being tuned out. What did I just say? See what I mean.

So my amateur advice to the President might be to pull in the horns a little bit and come around when you truly have something new and important to say. Rehashing the same healthcare points over and over again is not the way. As an idea, how about a substantive speech on national security with real action and not just rhetoric. Give it a try. It would be in the best health interests of the country!


  1. normal people like to see and hear from their representation....obama's exposure is just a reaction to never seeing bush for 8 years...bush/cheney hid from the public...0 press conferences for the g.o.p. ...similiar to nixon lurking in the gutter at's what you guys and your party are like snakes sneaking around.

  2. Like to see you changed your script a little and put in some new players. You still have your head up your ass, buy CHANGE is good.