Thursday, September 17, 2009

ACORN: Todays Stop, San Diego

New Footage Of An ACORN Official, Child Prostitution, Human Smuggling, etc.

The following segment of tape is of yet more corruption and offers by an ACORN official to help an undercover couple conduct illegal activities, including child prostitution. The scope and scale of the actions of ACORN has reached a level so abhorrent that even the White House has been unable to ignore it.

Although the statement made by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is just slightly disingenuous (the accountability piece), the fact that it was even made is a signal of the depth and breadth of the problem, and that it is no longer politically expedient to ignore it.

The statement will also serve as the go ahead for the mainstream media to now get involved. Coverage of the story can now be provided to those around the country who may not get the cable channels.

(ABC News) "Obviously the conduct you see on those tapes is completely unacceptable," Gibbs said, raising the issue of videotapes posted online by and aired frequently by Fox News Channel that seem to show ACORN employees advising a faux prostitute and faux pimp on how to skirt housing and tax laws. "The administration takes accountability extremely seriously."

Watch and decide for yourself if this organization should receive your hard earned tax dollars. If the answer is no, let your representatives know today!

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