Friday, August 28, 2009

The Left Has Discovered What The Right Has Known All Along

Obama's Words Are Only Words: The Standard Bearer For Change Is Really Just Another Politician After All Speaking Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Be careful what you wish for or who you believe in. President Obama was treated as the messiah during the campaign, embraced by those on the left blindly as the non-Bush alternative. His past was ignored. His questionable and sketchy acquantances and friends glossed over as being a product of the "right-wing propaganda machine". His incredibly light resume was not even a factor in the liberal decision making process.

No, what drew left America in was this charasmatic man, the first black man with a viable chance to take over the most powerful position in the world. His promises on the campaign trail were large, his speech flowery and flawlessly delivered. For the left and far left, the now President Obama was a political dream come true. But things are not always as they seem, and this supposed icon of liberal ideals has apparently succumbed to what was always apparent. He is all about political expediency.

Below are three of the articles that I have written in the past posing this very question. Was it really about CHANGE, or just about the ELECTION:

Well, it now appears that his very own base, those who love him for the reason of being not George Bush, have begun to question whether his words are merely words, or if they have true meaning. I am afraid they are going to be disappointed by the answer they ultimately find. Here is an example of the opinion of one of his fans then, and the doubts now:

(LA Times) Anne Lamotte: "...We did not know exactly how you would proceed to restore our beloved Constitution. It seemed beyond redemption, like my kitchen floor did briefly last week after my dog, Bodhi, accidentally ate 24 corn bread muffins. You said you would push back your sleeves and begin, that it would take all of us working harder than we ever had before, but that you would lead. While acknowledging the financial and moral devastation of the last eight years, you said you would start by giving your people healthcare. You would do battle with the conservatives and insurance companies. You said in your beautiful way many times that this was the overarching moral and spiritual issue of our times, and we understood this to mean that you took this to be your Selma, your Little Rock.

I hate to sound like a betrayed 7-year-old, but you said. And we believed you. Now you seem to have abandoned the dream. That is why moderates and liberals and progressives like myself all seem a little tense this summer. It is time to call your spirit back. We will be here to help when you get back from vacation. We want to help you get over the disappointment of Mr. Grassley's cold shoulder, of Mr. Enzi blowing you off, even that nice Olympia Snowe standing you up. We can and will take to the streets again, march and hold peaceful rallies, go door to door, donate to any causes that will help get out the truth of what a public option would mean. But we need you to shake off the dust of the journey and remember the promises of Dr. King, and we need you to lead us toward what is no longer so distant a shore.

Do it for Teddy Kennedy, boss. Do it for the other Kennedys too, for Dr. King, for Big Mama, for the poorest kids you met on the trail, the kids who go to emergency rooms for their healthcare, do it for their mothers and for Michelle. Just do it..."


  1. your negative biased ,racist attitude will bring you always you sound like a fool being so one sided...asshole

  2. Where you been? I don't hear anything disagreeing with my point. Additionally, please point out the racism in my remarks. Thanks.

  3. Everything you say that is against our current president is by definition racist.

    That's the stage the left has set for us.

    Unhappy with social policies? LIAR! You're just racist!
    It's his SKIN! You hate "people who look like him!"

    Who is bringing up race in politics?
    Diane Watson. David Patterson.

    Conservatives are dealing in issues. Liberals are content to deal hide behind the race card.

  4. I always get confused at first. You are a different anonymous. The good anonymous.