Monday, August 31, 2009

The FBI Is The New CIA: Where Is The Public Outrage?

For President Obama, The War On Terror Is Now Over. Excuse me. For President Obama "violent extremism," "overseas contingency operations" and "man-caused disasters" is no longer of concern (politically correct verbiage).


How else can one explain the fact that the CIA has been replaced by the FBI when it comes to interrogating those that may want to do harm to the United States, our interests and our allies. President Obama, in caving to the left has basically opened us up to attack through what will be an inability to gain potentially vital information from captives. Additionally we have the fact that most of our interrogation techniques have been exposed to the light of day, compromising national security even further.

(Wall Street Journal) "...To supervise future interrogations, the administration is creating something called a High Value Detainee Interrogation Group. Interrogation techniques will be limited to those in the Army Field Manual or that are "non coercive," which suggests more constrained than a big-city police department. Authority is being moved from the CIA to the FBI.

This means that the class of person who blows up skyscrapers, American embassies or the USS Cole would spend less time under a bare light bulb than a domestic robbery suspect...."

Where Is The Public Outrage?


For the sake of the country, we had better hope that Al-Qaeda, Hammas and all other organizations who have the goal of doing us harm have a newly formed liberal base. Hopefully this base will insist on the end the terrorists ability to perpetrate atrocities, much as our liberal left is crippling our ability to fight back.

If not, we will now be fighting a fight with these terrorists with both hands that are holding viable and time tested interrogation techniques tied behind our backs.

How short is the memory of the left? Have they forgotten the smoldering of Ground Zero? The attack on the Cole? The attacks on our embassies in Africa? Have they forgotten that we have to be right stopping attacks 100% of the time while the terrorists only have to be right once? Do they think that the terrorists have decided to let bygones be bygones and that they will redirect focus and their attention on something or someone else?

Do they not know that those who want to kill and destroy us are simple lying in wait, aware of the short memory of Americans? The left is acting in the name of political expediency and a vendetta against the Bush administration which is in no way in the country's, or the the worlds, best interests.

Is national security foremost on President Obama's mind? Is he trying to protect the nation in the best way possible? Does he want to win in Afghanistan? Are we playing to win or to lose? The President of Change is beginning to remind me very much of Bill Clinton minus the infidelity. Playing to the polls and constituencies versus doing what is in the best interest of the country.

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  1. its too bad all of those people were killed at the wtc under the dilligent watch of your religious right brothers.....where was the outrage? the whole administration should have been impeached...and by the last election results i guess they were.......just keep writing rush limbaughs opinions and he are the same shit

  2. You are a freakin' moron. The defenses of the country were ignored during the Clinton administration as he was to busy in the Oval Office taking care of other business.

    To say that 9/11, which occurred after Bush was just in put in office is somehow the result of his policies is probably one of the dumbest things you have ever said, which is quite an accomplishment for you.

    Now we have to sit by and watch as another Democrat president weakens the country and opens us up to a new attack.

    FBI in charge of interrogations? God help us all. Even you.

  3. mike, your one-sided rhetoric again shows how fucking stupid and blind sided you are...who was president during 9/11....this question has an exact answer...right gwb ..all under his's too bad bush didn't give a shit...too busy vacationing in camp david....the president with the most vacation time ever in the history of the never admit when your wrong....that's what makes you and pres. rush the same shit

  4. I repeat: You are a freakin' moron.

    Let me get this straight. If I ignore the maintenance on a bridge for 8 years, and two weeks after someone else takes over my job the bridge falls down, it is the new guys fault?

    I repeat: You are a freakin' partisan ignorant moron.

    Have a nice day.

  5. your 2 -faced the same theory holds true for the economy in transition... true???

  6. That is correct. No question mistakes were made during the Bush adminstration, but pushing the country towards the socialist model is not the way out.

    And I only have one face pal.

  7. Seems to me that "Anonymous" doesn't want to acknowledge that Dear Leader is wrong on this one. He's just made it much more dangerous to live in an American city. Could this be a strategy for the "crisis" that would lead to a full-on socialist revolution?