Saturday, August 29, 2009

Does AARP Really Represent The Elderly, Or Another Agenda?

As A Newly Minted Fifty Year Old, They Don't Speak For Me

The stated goal of AARP is "to enhance the quality of life for all as we age, leading positive social change and delivering value to members through information, advocacy and service." I have always known that AARP is left of center, but just how left? Watching their ads on T.V. and reading their copy, apparently it is far.

Members dues go towards paying the $500,000+ salary of CEO A. Barry Rand, and as the leader of the organization standing as a proxy for the message of elders who might otherwise not have a voice in the argument, I would like to know how they can definitively state that the information included in the video below is fact. This video, created and distributed by AARP, insists the Obama plan will not result in rationed care for the only constituency AARP has. How can they be so sure when experts around the country insist that it will?

My guess is that they, like most of our political representatives, have not read the legislation in its entirety or completely thought through the ramifications of a one payer system for its membership.

Do they really represent elderly people, or any others in the 50+ demographic? I don't think so!


  1. It is obvious that the AARP has another agenda. We are an intelligent group who can see through what's happening. We must find a new elected representation that truly has our best interests in mind. We need to voice and share our opinion in a social forum with evidence of being heard. We are a powerful group, We need the discomfort of finding new group representation to express who we are and what we feel and think. AARP doesn't represent us - its agenda is only about making money.We need to get rid of the AARP. I am not a strong leader, but I am waiting to hear someone who has answers for our age group who makes sense; who is dedicated to being an honest voice for our concerns; I would follow a leader who showed this concern. I'm sure that there are an infinite number of people who are waiting to follow the leadership of this type of representation.

  2. Thanks for the comment Nan. You sound like you could be a good leader.


  3. Mike, Thank You...........I 'm not sure where to turn. Can anyone share information as to finding a voice that is honest and sincere in its representation of retirees; a voice that represents everyone and is not slanted to far right or left. Is there such representation?