Monday, July 27, 2009

If A Black Man Is Arrested By A White Officer On The Streets Of Harlem, Does It Still Create A Firestorm?

The Presidency Is Not A Bully Pulpit To Protect Friends (at least until your final days in office), And Certainly Not The Place To Create Racial Tension

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates is Arrested by Police Sgt. Jim Crowley in Cambridge, Ma.

Regardless of the facts of the case, this is not the venue for the Commander in Chief who appoints the Attorney General (the highest law enforcement official in the land) to get involved and inject his opinion as to the facts that have yet to play themselves out. Of notice is that the arrested is a FOO (Friend of Obama).

The need for a hands off policy is particularly true in a racially charged case where the President comes down on the side of the accused, and invokes the history of racial injustice in the country. All this at a prime time news conference that was meant to plug the holes in the sinking health care reform ship.

There was nothing good that could have come out of his remarks, only bad. It does, however, show the thoughts of the man when put in the position to answer an off the topic question without a tele-prompter provided answer. Even if it turns out that the President is correct in his analysis of the goings on in Cambridge that day, it is not his place to articulate it. That is the job of legal process.

Where is this man, who so enjoys the bully pulpit, the limelight, the face time and the attention, when real or perceived injustice is going on every day in cities across America. Is his indignation only for the wealthy or the wealthy who are his friends.

Remember President Obama, the stipulations of the Constitution in Article II, Section 3 applies to all.

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