Friday, July 24, 2009

Harry Reid Pushes Back The Health Care Debate: But "Inaction Is Not An Option"

Health Care Reform Put Off Until After Summer Vacation

This health care debate over a bill to cover the uninsured and to make health care available to all Americans is, according to the President and the Democrats in the House and Senate, a pressing matter. It is imperative to make health care affordable to all and to get the Federal Government involved in the process, due to the fact that the Federal Government is expert in running businesses. That of course is tongue in cheek. The government is abysmal in these efforts.

Dump Reid!

In any event, as pressing as this matter is, the citizens who they would like to cover will just have to wait until the debate begins again sometime in September, because the summer vacation for these guys is just a little more important. Is it that, or is it the fact that the polling winds are beginning to shift, and they need to get home in order to find out just how important this legislation is to their constituents? Probably a little bit of both. If the polling data indicates a turn away from this type of legislation, you will be able to hear the political backpedaling from here.

Now that the politicians are getting out of the insulated world of the Beltway, when they return you can be fairly certain that the components of this bill will change. Obama had his chance, and the inmates are now escaping the asylum. In an explanation of the delay, Harry Reid, in a transparent statement attempting to be both bi-partisan and to lay the blame at the feet of the Republicans said:

“Working with Republicans, one of the things that they ask is for more time,” Reid said Thursday. “The decision was made to give them more time… I don’t think it’s unreasonable. This is a complex, difficult issue.” (The Hill)

Obviously, the Democrats do not need the additional time to wade through this complex issue, because as they have proven in the past they are more than willing to pursue legislation without reading it first.

Lastly, Harry Reid on his website said this:

“...But it appears some want to ignore the doctor’s orders. I wish I could say they do so only at their own peril. Yet if a handful of Senators stand in the way of the change we so desperately and urgently need, they will endanger all of us. They will endanger families of every background, businesses of every size, and our nation's collective future..." (Senator Harry Reid)

The arrogance of this statement, and the reason that he can go on his summer vacation, is apparent in the second sentence. He talks about how delay "...will endanger all of us...). It will not endanger him or any of his other Senate and House buddies. As written about before, he has his gold standard health insurance and will for the rest of his life. We don't.

Enjoy your summer vacation Senator Reid. Go home. Find out what direction is politically expedient and follow it. And throw another shrimp on the barbie.


  1. did the republicans G bush even address this issue for 8 years...nah....rising rates along with decreased services....i guess the bush admin. had the same health insurance as the current propose opposition but offer no alternatives.....typical mon. morning quarterbacking by you sound like a whinning girl

  2. Open your eyes, shut your mouth, and consider the fact that it doesn't matter what the Bush administration did or didn't do.

    Obama is proposing socialized healthcare which will supposedly insure all, while killing more through an inferior and rationed method of providing healing.

    Get off your Obama loving pedestal and recognize what this program would mean for you and your family. That is probably something you can understand. Or do I give you to much credit?

  3. It's unbelievable that the leftie supporters have become so naive and hate filled, they they are allowing the left msm, to cast all the blame on republicans. Are they too stupid or just purposefully ignorant, to not realize or know that the Democrats have a huge majority in the house and filibuster proof senate? They don't need republicans for anything but yet they blame them, every single chance the get. Any intelligent Democratic supporter, would be and is appalled at how childish and misleading the left msm treats them.

    If their healthcare plan is so solid, cost-effective, won't ration care and be as wonderful as they are stating, then pass it already Democrats! What are you waiting for?

    If it works out great for every American citizen and better then our current healthcare sytem, I will honestly applaud them. If it doesn't then they guarantee, losing the house, senate and the presidency in 2012.
    Either way works fine for me.

  4. Hey Darrin:

    Your statement:It's unbelievable that the leftie supporters have become so naive and hate filled,

    is certainly true, except for the phrase "have become". They always have been.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. hey mike, no offense but it took 2 years for someone but me to comment on your blog..congrats ..darrin..i agree with you's my point...any plan is better than no plan...lets give something a chance..lets let both sides contribute to a successful compromise....i applaud you for mike he's just angry ,negative,hate bashing and degrading of anything positive...i believe if there is a republican plan that can be melded together for 1 successful plan everyone mike just care to bash democrats/liberals...get a life asshole..good job darrin

  6. Anonymous, you are as stupid as I always thought. Congratulations.

  7. hey mike your suppossed to be above name calling.....i'm not .but you are....i'm a lowly on the other hand are a rush loving classy republican...the kind that is a follower of a wife beater and admitted drug user...

  8. then your stupid