Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Congressional Summer Recess: On Second Thought, Have A Great Time Guys!

Oh, The Life Of Congress!

The talk lately has been about how the clock is ticking for Obama to push through the health care program sooner rather than later as he is quickly losing popular support, and the do nothing Congress is getting ready to leave for it's summer vacation. As if these guys perform hard labor or any labor during the year and require some R&R to get a second wind for the end of year push.

summer fun

They have accomplished little if anything, and as politicians will have focused on earning political points back home for the next election cycle that they will face. Doing the peoples business? Hardly, unless feathering your own nest is the peoples business. Compared to pretty much any profession out there, the Congress and the Senate as a difficult workplace is laughable. That is unless deciding what junkets to go on, where to have lunch or which lobbyist to go out for dinner and drinks with is difficult.

The bottom line is this. If there is a legislative agenda that takes one, two or three weeks into the recess to get done, then that is what our public servants should be doing. Unless of course it would be legislation, such as health care that would be destructive to the nation and it's citizens.

On second thought, have a great time guys!

The article below was written in Notoriously Conservative, and although it was back in February, is still on the laser point now:

How Often is Congress in Session? How Much do They Actually Work?

Posted by Nifty Nick . 2/16/2009

The current salary (2009) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year. But they work hard you say, they deserve it you say. Well, perhaps. So how much do they work? Well, congress is in session anywhere from 130 to 190 days a year. On average, over the last 9 years, they have met about 140 days a year. So far this congress has worked 23 days, out of a possible 46 days, or 50% of the time. Here is a little vacation calender posted on the website (please note a "work period" is a fancy way of saying day off):

January 6 -111th Congress, 1st Session convenes
January 19 -Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 20 -Inauguration Day
January 29-31 -Republican Conference Issues Conference
February 5-7 -Democratic Caucus Issues Conference
February 16 -Presidents Day
February 16 - 20 -Presidents Day District Work Period
March 8 -Daylight Savings Time Begins
March 17 -St. Patrick's Day
April 6 - April 17 -Spring District Work Period
April 8 -Passover Begins
April 10 -Good Friday
April 12 -Easter Sunday
May 10 -Mother's Day
May 25 -Memorial Day
May 25 - May 29 -Memorial Day District Work Period
June 14 -Flag Day
June 21 -Father's Day
June 29 - July 3 -Independence Day District Work Period
July 4 -Independence Day
August 3 - September 4 -Summer District Work Period
September 7 -Labor Day
September 18 -Rosh Hashanah Begins
September 27 -Yom Kipper Begins
October 12 -Columbus Day
October 30 -Target Adjournment
November 1 -Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 11 -Veterans Day
November 26 -Thanksgiving Day
December 11 -Hanukkah Begins
December 25 -Christmas Day

Let's compare that to say, my work schedule. Well, I get New Years Day off, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, a half day on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and a half day on New Years Eve. I also get three sick days, and two weeks of vacation. That's a total of twenty days off, and then of course weekends, for a total of 120 days off a year, and 245 days a year working. That means I work 68% of the year. Congress meets, on average 140 days a year, and is off 225 days. That means congress works 38% of the year.

Hmmm. So if the average congressman makes $174,000 a year, that's $1257.14 a day, $157.14 an hour (based on an 8 hour day). I make, well, significantly less than that. How much do you make? How hard do you work for it?


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