Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Brewmaster-in-Chief

What To Do About A Public Relations Faux Pas

Let's Have A Beer!!!

If you are President Obama, with the media tucked firmly in your pocket, you take what was a major gaff and turn it into a model for solving the problems of race relations. Never mind that the initial reaction of the President to the incident in Cambridge during his daily television show was extremely telling, that Reverend Wright his political mentor has faded in public memory, that some of the speak by Professor Gates in the past has been somewhat inflammatory as to race relations.

No matter. Let's have a beer at the White House in what is one of the corniest public relations stunts in recent memory, particularly for a President, and all will be forgotten. There will be smiles and handshakes, and recriminations at the big "misunderstanding". Is it all that easy? What beer will he choose to have at the meeting? That is what America wants to know. Will it be a micro-brewery that will be put on the map, an exotic import, a domestic staple? That is the depth of the study into what it is that the Presidents words mean.

What An Ingenious Smokescreen

Where is the media that tried to destroy the careers of those that have made racial statements in the past and then tried to rectify them only to be vilified for their insincerity. If this was the first example of the President being involved in a racial controversy, then let bygones be bygones and accept his apology for a mistake that was made. The problem is that he seems to have a past in which some of his relationships have been, and may continue to be, with people that have what could be considered to be radical views.

No matter, let's all eat, drink and be merry.


  1. mike you can now add racist to your asshole moniker

  2. I know you are not to bright as has been proven time and time again, but explain how anything that I said was racist in any way.

    Thanks as always for your clear, concise and cogent arguments.

  3. anyone who is as one-sided as you proves the definition of moron...saw rush on t.v. last night...putting down colin powell .....looks like he's setting himself up for the run....send your $$$ contributions ..your party has a long way to go...maybe rush will run with sarah palin

  4. Look in the mirror pal. Is there nothing that President Obama does or says that bothers you in the least?

    To say no would define you as an idiot.

  5. many things ..including health care and tax issue's bother me about our presidents policies.....outright upsetting to me....there is a common good needed to move foward in our new world...that includes keeping our country safe....your blog is 100% obama bashing...thats what makes you an asshole

  6. That's crap. I have always said that he is a very good communicator, but I appreciate your honesty.

    He has 4 years to form a legacy. In these trying economic times he should not be trying to cram through a massive government spending agenda.

    Some of his proposals will affect you and I, two people diametrically opposed politically, in a very bipartisan way.

    Our children and grandchildren as well. If you do not agree with his health care proposals, don't call me an asshole, get involved and let your Senators and Congressmen know.

  7. i watched colin powell on larry king last night...he repeatedly said as a republican that for the party to be sucessful they must practice what they preach...he says ...that the basic republican premis of smaller gov't less spending..never happened in the last 8 years...the fact is spending increased in the previous admin....your party needs to practice what they preach to win back loyalty

  8. that's a miracle

  9. Found your site from ConservativeBC and I think this debate between you and "Anonymous" shows something I have noticed. Conservatives hold to time tested values that don't change just because the wind starts blowing from different direction. I think George Bush was liberal in his spending policies, which goes against my conservative values so, therefore, I disagreed with the way Bush handled that part of his presidency. A liberal, however, seems to swallow and believe everything that the Democratic party says, hook, line, and sinker without looking at it through the lens of their political/moral/social values. That's assuming a liberal has values... Why don't liberals understand that conservative and republican aren't necessarily the same thing? Usually conservatives vote republican because republican candidates are closer to what a conservative believes, but they are not the same thing.

  10. Thanks for the comment FL. It never ceases to amaze me how the typical liberal does not have the capacity for independent thought.

    It goes along the lines of that when I want your opinion, I will give it to you.

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