Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats May Save Us From Socialized Healthcare

What Is A Blue Dog Democrat And Why Can They Help To Save Us From Socialized Medicine?

7 22 09 Bearman Cartoon Bad Blue Dog

"The Blue Dog Coalition - who celebrated 15 years of leadership in 2009 - has built a reputation as a serious player in the policy arena, promoting positions which bridge the gap between ideological extremes. Many of the group's policy proposals have been praised as fair, responsible, and positive additions to a Congressional environment too often marked as partisan and antagonistic.

The 51 conservative and moderate Democrats in the group hail from every region of the country, although the group acknowledges some southern ancestry which accounts for the group's nickname. Taken from the South's longtime description of a party loyalist as one who would vote for a yellow dog if it were on the ballot as a Democrat, the "Blue Dog" moniker was taken by members of The Coalition because their moderate-to-conservative-views had been "choked blue" by their party in the years leading up to the 1994 election.

The Coalition was formed in the 104th Congress as a policy-oriented group to give moderate and conservative Democrats in the House of Representatives a common sense, bridge-building voice within the institution..." (The Blue Dog Coalition)

Why They May Save Us From Socialized Medicine

These Blue Dog Democrats in the House are not your Ted Kennedy/Henry Waxman Democrats. They are fiscally conservative politicians that were brought into the Democrat fold years ago for political expediency (Democrat retaking of Congress), and who have come back through the years to bite the Party in the butt. This is no more true than on the issue of the socialized health care bill that Nancy Pelosi is trying to get through the House.

The 7 Blue Dog members on the House Energy and Commerce Committee have blocked the legislation from going to a full House vote, raising the ire of Henry "Cap and Trade" Waxman who publicly blasted them for their petulance in having the gall to stand in the way of a country changing plan they deem destructive and inferior.

Nancy Pelosi on the talking head shows Sunday said that when the bill goes to the floor it will have the votes to pass. In Washington speak this means she will have to give away the store in order to bring the Blue Dogs into the fold. These conservative Democrats will hopefully have the political courage to stick by their guns and make sure, for the good of the American public not just today but for the generations going forward, that any move to socialized medicine is defeated.

What we have going for us is that both Obama and Pelosi, who had been on a strict timeline of the summer recess to get this done, have backpedaled and have moved to the position that a delay to the fall is okay. In political parlance this could be a big win for the country.

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  1. Go Blue Dogs go! stop that community organizer Obama from socializing and further bankrupting America