Friday, June 12, 2009

Racism and Anti-Semitism Is Unfortunately Alive and Well

The White Supremacist Equivalent Of A Suicide Bomber

For the young man or woman that goes into a crowded cafe and detonates themselves with the sole intention of taking out as many innocent men, women and children as possible, in their warped minds, there is no greater way to go out.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Wednesday, a life-long anti-semite and hater of anyone that did not fit his description of an acceptable human being, went into the Holocaust Museum on the National Mall and opened fire, fatally wounding 2 security guards. The shooter was shot and is in critical condition, and whether he dies from these wounds or from old age, he will go to hell in short order. This was his equivalent of a suicide bombing.

This begs the question, what is it that can embed this level of hatred in a man. He went into the Holocaust Museum, a shrine to an event that he denies having had occurred, with the intention of fulfilling 50+ years of a despicable dream. That of killing Jews to make whatever statement men of his thinking seeks to make. He killed two black security guards, but in his mind that may have been the same thing.

His son loves him, and if history is any guide, believes in the same things. This is how the hatred perpetuates: "I love my father. Everything you need to know about him is on his Web site," Erik von Brunn told The News Wednesday night. (New York Daily News)

That is correct, but does his son agree or disagree with his fathers views? This man committed this crime as an 88 year old man near death. He wanted to go out in a blaze of his kind of glory. In my own small way I will not mention his name so as not to give him any kind of perverse recognition.

As our veterans from World War II fade away, and the survivors of the Holocaust become fewer and fewer, those who are sane among us need to remember what a group possessing hatred can do, and realize we are facing similar groups today.

Never Forget So That We Can Help Keep Another Holocaust From Happening Again.


  1. the rush limbaugh led gop is certainly one of those groups

  2. If I wasn't sure before, it is now confirmed that your are an utter, ignorant moron.

    It's good that you can minimize this situation. You are either a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, or plain stupid!

  3. we've figured out your game. it's important to take the high road every once in a while've done that here with this post ...please reveal your true views and don't bullshit your 3 readers

  4. Why don't we make it 2 readers and you can disappear.

    What issues are imortant to you? Any?

    Are you able to articulate any, or just spew worthless blather out of your ignorant mouth?