Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is It Ringling Brothers or the New York State Senate?

Send In The Clowns, Don't Bother, They're Here

Just when you thought there was nothing that could happen in Albany that could surprise you ( as opposed to just the nothing that typically goes on there), these State Senators, aka nursery school children, have outdone themselves.

Circus ringleader, Governor Paterson, called the Senators in for a special session Tuesday that was to supposedly cover non-controversial issues that need to be voted on so that the business of the citizens of the State of New York can be attended to. As sad as it sounds, this was an ambitious undertaking by the Governor.

Asking these people to focus on the tasks that they were sent to Albany for is maybe asking just a little to much. Maybe they are not making enough money on the salary of a State Senator to take it all to seriously. Maybe they are focused on self serving issues that don't do you or I any good. Or maybe they have been consumed by some space rays that take over when you enter the Capital that prevents thought. These rays may take politicians minds and turn them back to kindergarten level of maturity, attention span and focus. These are the same space rays I thought were limited to those politicians inside the Beltway in Washington but apparently not.

In any event, that's enough conjecture about the problems that they have as they have made them ours as well. With the recent defections of certain Democrats to the Republican side that appeared to give the Republicans control and therefore claim on the Presidency of the Senate, there is no consensus between the two party's as to who actually holds this position. Therefore there is no consensus on who will bring the gavel down to bring this special session to order. Therefore there will be no bills decided on until the impasse is resolved. They picked up their balls and went home.

Wouldn't it be great if we decided not to work because of a power struggle at our jobs? Real life doesn't work that way.

(New York Daily News) "While the governor has the power to order senators into session, he can't make them vote or choose an official to preside over the chamber.

Paterson has threatened to call the Senate back into session every day, including weekends and July 4."

Since looking and acting like a bunch of bumbling clowns is not enough to persuade them to actually do the people's business, you can bet that the threat of having to give up some of their "well deserved" vacation time just might be.

Let them do the work of their constituents for a few days instead of the game of charades they call law making, and maybe they would take their job a little more seriously.


  1. i can't agree more mike.....there is no better term for these guys but clowns..and bad ones at embarrising....i used to be proud of our state /(pre -spitzer)but now we wont have it under control until a progressive mind like yours comes into power....this could be your calling mike...your the policeman these assholes need...hey, you've got my vote....i love this blog mike..your a breath of fresh air..keep pumping out the great controversial issues we all want to anonymous