Monday, June 22, 2009

A Fast Food Tax Penalizes Who?

A Fast Food Tax: The Low Hanging Fruit

What is the definition of a regressive tax? A tax that will impact lower income people over higher income people. Nassau County in New York is proposing an additional 2% tax on fast food. There is no question that Nassau County faces a huge budgetary crisis, and finding ways to fill the hole is an imperative. But is the place to look to fill the gap on the backs of the very people that can afford it least?

Officer Big Mac

As an alternate suggestion, why not impose a bar tax at some of the fancier eateries around the Island. A 2% tax on a $5.00 Happy Meal is all well and good, but how about a 2% or 5% tax on a $100 bar tab? Now we are talking real money. One of the supposed ideas behind the fast food tax is to lead people in the direction of a healthier diet. Forcing people to cut back on alcohol could serve the same purpose, but for the more affluent there would probably not be a cut back, just a ton of additional revenue for the County.

Could the rich be a constituency that politicians do not want to go after?

North Korean Showdown

A United States destroyer is trailing a North Korean cargo vessel that is suspected of carrying weaponized missiles, and the ship may be headed for Myanmar. North Korea threatens that all hell will break loose if attempts are made to stop and search the ship. What will the United States and the rest of the world do to address the situation?


  1. hey mike, shoot into the phonebooth and get on your red tights with the big m on the shirt and go save the day....another blog siting questions with no answers....

  2. Aheeeem, it should read "Penalizes WhoM" :)

    Isn't Nassau Country run by Republicans? 'Cuz the fast food tax is a perfect lib-Dem scam: It gets them more money while making people think they "care". What happens to that extra tax revenue? They put it toward strengthening their nanny state.

    Hey, wanna really tax something to influence health decisions? Try taxing abortions!
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