Friday, May 1, 2009

President Obama: Blind Faith Versus Analysis

Blind Faith

Definition: Belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination


Definition: The examination and evaluation of the relevant information to select the best course of action from among various alternatives.

Interrogation Techniques

10,9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.... This is not a James Bond movie where the bomb is always disarmed at 0:07. No, the war on terrorism is real life, with real potential countdowns that lead to real deaths. What is it that President Obama said during his 100 Day coming out party on Wednesday night regarding the use of torture:

"...Obama said the information gained from terror suspects through its use could have been obtained by other means. “In some cases it may be harder,” he conceded.

"Obama also said he was “absolutely convinced” he had acted correctly in banning waterboarding and making public the Bush administration memos detailing its use as well as other harsh interrogation. “Not because there might not have been information that was yielded by these various detainees ... but because we could have gotten this information in other ways, in ways that were consistent with our values, in ways that were consistent with who we are.” (JapanToday)

Well let me throw this out there. Let's say that we have a known terrorist in custody, one who we have serious reason to believe has actionable information that could help to prevent a potential attack. Using the techniques from the Bush administration years, we could possibly obtain the information on Monday. But because we now use the interrogation technique of goodness and niceness, the information is actually gotten out of him or her the following Monday, if at all?

Now let's say, just for arguments sake, that an attack happens on that Wednesday after the Monday when waterboarding would have gotten the information? Well, President Obama, for your sake and your family's sake I hope that attack doesn't hit Washington, but what about those in the place it does hit?

I suppose that we could tell them that it is a shame all those people had to die, but feel good in knowing that the United States stood by the Geneva Convention and the values of the Liberal Elite, and can look at ourselves in the mirror knowing we did the right thing.

But in reality what those that believe in analysis and not blind faith will say, is that it will all be on the Obama administration, whose "ideals" and pandering to the left has the potential to put the United States and her allies in real and serious danger.

Put America first Mr. President and your poll numbers and ideological base second, and do what it is that those that voted for you put you in office to do, and what those that did not vote for you were hoping that you would do. That is, act in the capacity of Commander in Chief and do whatever it takes to protect the interests and citizens of this country.


  1. great mike ..lets play the what if game....that really validates your it o.k. for only you to refer back to the bush administration last 8 years "techniques" use those last 8 years when it serves your purpose as will i....

  2. I am looking forward my friend. Let's get the information we need, how we need to get it, to prevent a big booooooom.

  3. do you think the current administration wants the big boooom ? you think there is a 0 protocal on terrorism in this admin?no one is watching right? how foolish you sound knee jerk man

  4. I think there is 0 protocol of the right kind. I think the plan is to have the ACLU talk to a potential terrorist until the terrorist wants to slit his wrists which should take all of 5 minutes.

    Hey, maybe you are right jack ass man.

  5. finaly admitting to logic and resorting to name calling.NOT NICE...a beaten man...."come on people now shine on your brother everybody get together and love one another right now"

  6. Holy crap. I didn't think I could sink all the way down to your level, but I have a ways to go before I get there.

  7. It's obvious how little this blogger knows about interrogation or intelligence gathering in general. He lives in the land of Jack Bauer and "24", where every bad guy is hurt and suddenly gives the exact info needed to save the day. That this is a false assumption, is known throughout the intel community.

  8. I guess by extension it is obvious how much a man named anaonymous knows about the value of intelligence gathering.

    Perhaps anaonymous is an operative which is why he is not a coward for using the name anaonymous, but in fact has to protect his identity.

    "That this is a false assumption, is known throughout the intel community." This is an easy comment to make, but holds zero value!