Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama Date Night

Keeping A Campaign Promise Is Great

President Obama made quite a few promises during his campaign including taking his wife to a Broadway show. Good for him. He kept that one last night and in the process has sparked debate (at least for me) regarding the appropriateness of the trip.

Now President Bush spent many a day at his Crawford, Texas ranch and at Camp David, and there is no doubt that the stresses of the presidency requires some down time.

However, at a time when the economy in cities such as New York are in the crapper, GM is about to file for bankruptcy, many people don't have the money for a movie let alone a fancy dinner and a Broadway show and a presidential visit turns the City into a tangled mess, is this an appropriate thing to do at this time?

What do you think?

obamas' date night draws to a close


  1. I think it's very easy to keep a promise to your wife when it isn't cost him what it would have if he lost. Would he have spent the same money out of his own pocket?
    I think it's very unfair to expect those that are unable to afford a date night to pay for such an extravagant date. If Mr. President was a man of his word..he's reimburse the taxpayers for this personal expense between he and his wife. He can afford it much easier than we can.

  2. Or, maybe the new administration could provide a date bailout fund, and then tell us where to go and what to have for dinner.