Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Korea Nuclear Test AND Missile Test: What Now President Obama?

The Intelligence Community Did Not Have A Clue

Just more Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk....

Rocket Science

President Obama, this is on you. This is not a situation that can credibly be blamed on the Bush administration although I am sure that you will try. No more crap about failed policies of the last 8 years.

This is not about micro-managing the auto industry. This is not about telling bankers how much they can make. This is not about pandering to Americans by attempting to vilify capitalism and capitalists.

This nuclear test the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima is because of the weakness that you are showing and your endless rhetoric about 6 party talks and your reliance on the United Nations to serve as the linchpin of our foreign policy.

This is no longer the campaign where your empty words that sold well across the country will work with terrorists around the world. This is your 3:00 AM call. What are you going to do.

Is the danger that Iran poses to the world in any way connected with North Korea? You bet it is!

WHAT IS THE PLAN? NOT THE TALK. NOT THE WORDS ABOUT THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE SITUATION. We know the seriousness of the situation. We know it for us, for Israel, for Europe and for the entire world.

You really want to sit down and have diplomatic negotiations with these guys? All that will do is buy them time to continue doing what they are doing, and provide you with cover to make no real moves. They will then sign whatever is "negotiated", ignore and violate it, and buy themselves even more time while we sit there and wring our hands about how they are violating the terms and proclaim that we are getting mad about it.

Stop the charade and understand who we are dealing with if your underlings haven't figured it out yet.

North Korea thinks that there will be no ramifications for what they do beyond threats of the Saturday Night joke of United Nations sanctions. Just rhetoric. Stop relying on international consensus. Stop worrying about how your base will react. Stop worrying solely about how you can turn the United States from a capitalistic force to just another European economy.

Start listening to smart people like Ambassador John Bolton who know what is going on and what must be done about it. Stop listening to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for direction because that will lead us down the path to disaster.


  1. yea mike, lets wake up tomorrow..better yet today and destroy northt korea with our own nuclear weapons..fuck em..lets bomb iran and north korea at the same time TODAY. wipe every fuckin north korean off the face of the map..then we'll show em who's boss..they certainly will not mess with us anymore due to their annilation..at the same time take out that jew hating iranian...also nothing left of that country....like you used to say to your kids when they were babies...ALL GONE...your right wing rhetoric is all problems and no solutions...the rush/cheney team have all the answers....as head of the gop we should go with what rush says.....please note no george bush references by me..and mike , you never say if your gop kids are joining up for the cause..you"ll be taking your kids north to canada because your a fucking coward mike ..send somebody eles 's kids to fight..that's the mike way..all talk rush man...how about addressing the points mike not only what you choose to address....

  2. There is only one coward here my friend and that would be a man (?) who goes by anaonymous and who does not have the courage to say who he is. What are YOU afraid of.

    Step up, or this is the last time we speak. In answer to you question, the more obvious answer to libs such as yourself is no action and pawning off our national security on the most useless organization in the world, the U.N.

    When North Korea, and it's dying, maniacle leader who wants to have one spectacular swan song uses it's nukes, I will take a day trip and visit you in hell.

  3. I understand your position about how Obama painted a rosy picture of hope and dreams in the public to win the election and of having open channels even with dangerous nations such as iraq and n korea. I don't feel there was anything fundamentally wrong with his speeches and inspirational talk..u have to remember the guy is running for president...but now that n.korea is beginning to show that it will continue to expand its nuclear arsenal despite U.N. sanctions prohibiting n.korea from testing their missiles and lucid warnings by the western world....obama needs to have a plan of action...and i dont think bombing n korea is the right option...no way...the only thing halting n korea from bombing u.s. or any country it detests is the fact that if they do attack the u.s. or the britain or any such nation...they will be bombarded by missiles from every nation....BUT...now if we attack first ...n korea will have nothing to lose in exercising its nuclear power on our soil...and we both know that is not an option...
    now the only possible solution that comes to my mind is to firstly have "diplomatic" talks...i say diplomatic in quotes because what truly needs to happen is Obama needs to sit down face to face or communicate thru the vid phone lines...i do not care...but obama needs to make it clear that if pres. kim wants his nuclear weapons..then he needs to show absolute and complete transparency in his entire nuclear agenda and plans....we need to have access to all sites where nuclear weapons are being developed and tested so U.S. can provide oversight to this fickle nation that may just sell these weapons to the Al Qaeda tomorrow...
    if kim jong il fails to comply...Obama needs to call for a world wide embargo on all trade with NKorea
    also freeze all off shore nkorean accounts
    i think tht shud be a threat enough for n Korea to stop its wild behavior with nukes

  4. Thanks for the comments Herm. I don't advocate bombing them, but ignoring the situation and letting the U.N. handle things is not doing any good.