Friday, May 15, 2009

I Declare War On...

Daily Government Intervention Update: Obama Continues To Press For Credit Card Company Reform in New Mexico (see article dated 5/11/09)

Russia Claiming The Arctic Circle

Just when you thought that all we had to worry about was terrorism, Iranian nukes, North Korean nukes, the fall of the Pakistani government and it's nukes, loose nukes, Swine Flu, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, a financial meltdown, global warming if you believe in it and whether the Cubs will ever win the World Series, another threat may loom on the horizon.

We all know that finding huge reserves of oil and gas, particularly in this environment, is extremely desirable and critical in getting the U.S. off of it's dependence on countries that are less than our friends. The only reserves that we apparently are not interested in are the ones that are already directly under our noses in ANWR and off of our coast. But that is a story for another time.

This story has to do with the fact that Russia is claiming the Arctic Circle, and the potentially huge oil and gas reserves that are hidden beneath it. What is it that gives Russia the right to do this. The flag, pictured above that it placed on the ocean floor, is it's proof of the claim. A claim that they are apparently willing to go to war to protect.

"The country’s new national security strategy identified the intensifying battle for ownership of vast untapped oil and gas fields around its borders as a source of potential military conflict within a decade.

“The presence and potential escalation of armed conflicts near Russia’s national borders, pending border agreements between Russia and several neighbouring nations, are the major threats to Russia’s interests and border security,” stated the document, which analysed security threats up to 2020.

“In a competition for resources it cannot be ruled out that military force could be used to resolve emerging problems that would destroy the balance of forces near the borders of Russia and her allies.”
The Kremlin has insisted that it is not “militarising the Arctic” but its warnings of armed conflict suggest that it is willing to defend its interests by force if necessary as global warming makes exploitation of the region’s energy riches more feasible.

The United States, Norway, Canada and Denmark are challenging Russia’s claim to a section of the Arctic shelf, the size of Western Europe, which is believed to contain billions of tonnes of oil and gas." (TimesOnline.UK)

What will the U.S. response be to this type of sabre rattling? I suppose it will be determined by who is in office at the time. Hopefully someone who is prepared to deal with it, and not just talk about it.


  1. lets suprise attack everyone at the same time mike...russia, pakistan, iraq, iran, afganhistan,north korea, the pirates,palistinians, mexico,argentina, your a war monger mike....what if your son or daughter had to'd be on the first boat to canada..yes i said boat (lol)your a coward mike....hiding behind the written word..a blog that is 100% religious right caters to the few radical assholes like you mike...your not getting anywhere..

  2. Interesting comment that I am hiding behind the written word when you don't even use your name.

    Whose the real coward here?

  3. figures mike, you don't address the content...a couple of questions mike..1) hasn't the mutually cooperative of nations addressing the pirate situation worked so far?2) who is republican sen. kim hendren ..does he read your blog?...please enlighten me mike..answer the questions don't answer with another question as usual

  4. Question? Me answer with a question?

    Kim Hendron doesn't seem to like Jews very much. But then again neither did Robert Byrd.

    Go figure. I thought everyone did.

    Your point?

  5. point is things are being addresed by this administration...not the george bush way (sorry)...when there is a contridiction in your words and actions admit it....but then again rush wouldn't
    s your blog mike ..your the king

  6. You didn't tell me what your point is. I showed you the stipidity of bringing up Kim Hendron when Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK and a Democrat senator, but you glossed over that as liberals will when shown the stupidity of a statement.

    What is my contradiction?