Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yet Another U.S. Flagged Ship Fired On Off Of Somalia. Now President Obama Is Really Mad!

Cargo Ship Liberty Sun Fired On By Somali Pirates


As Proof Of The Timidity of The Obama Administration, I Offer The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is one of the more liberal offerings out there, and while the snippet from an article below is not an overt criticism of the Obama administration (it never would be), the last entry addresses the problem with the (lack of) foreign policy we have now. It is that Obama "vowed" to stop this violence, vowed to address North Korea, vowed to address the Iranian nuclear situation, vowed to address the dangerous trend of increasing Taliban activity in Pakistan, etc. Well, you get the idea. Many vows, no details.

The frightening facts are that this wordsmith was able to mesmerize the American public (or at least a small majority of it) during a campaign and media blitz that promised Change. Little did we know that the change would be an increase in government control and a drop in the way we are perceived around the world.

While it is true we are now one of the good guys that the other G-20 and NATO countries like to hang out with, it seems as if there is no longer a large concern around the world that we will take any action to defend or protect our interests.

I ask again where our foreign policy is. Where our Secretary of State is. Well today we heard from her, and it was just more of the empty rhetoric of the administration talking to a country that is more anarchy than government. Here it is:

"...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for authorities in Somalia to act against land bases that pirates use to attack ships and said the U.S. will seek ways to track and freeze assets of the brigands.

Clinton said she has assigned a team of U.S. diplomats to press the Somali government and leaders of Puntland, a semi- autonomous region in Somalia, to take action against the land bases.

The U.S. wants “to know what the Somali government, what tribal leaders, who perhaps would not like to have the international community bearing down on them, would be willing to do to rid their territory of these pirate bases,” she said..." (Bloomberg) Whoa.

The one thing I don't have to ask is where President Obama is, because I need only turn on my T.V. to see him giving another dour speech on the economy placing the blame for all of the worlds ills on the "failed policies of the last 8 years."

Now to The Huffington Post quote on the mentality of the pirates/terrorists:

"...The brigands are grabbing more ships and hostages to show they would not be intimidated by President Barack Obama's pledge to confront the high-seas bandits, according to a pirate based in the Somali coastal town of Harardhere.

"Our latest hijackings are meant to show that no one can deter us from protecting our waters from the enemy because we believe in dying for our land," Omar Dahir Idle told The Associated Press by telephone. "Our guns do not fire water. I am sure we will avenge."

Now that it seems to be open season on U.S. flagged vessels, how about some teeth behind the vows.

On Monday, Obama vowed to "halt the rise of piracy" without saying exactly how the U.S. and allies would do it..."(The Huffington Post) Whoa.


  1. hey mike, you keep harkening back to the the wordsmith obama campaign that ran everyone of your ugly type out of there jobs while at the same time saying all obama does is harken back to the last 8 years...another sign of your hypocritical assholeism...which is it mike not talk about the past or talk about the past...only whats good for mike....your response is predictable..."lol it's my blog" the way, i agree...stronger stance against hi-jackers

  2. Now concentrate really hard here because it may get a little complicated for you:

    Obama is in office now and responsible for what is going on now and his words during the campaign therefore have relevance now.

    Should I say it slower, or did you get it?

  3. 8 years of a total apathy from the bush years of which the effect doesn't disapearr in 3 months of an the way the worst republican or any administration ever...obviously this rolls right thru the emptineess between your ears mike....

  4. Give me the date, if one exists, when Obama will own the presidency and the results that come out of his actions and decisions.

    2 years, 3 years, never? Like Billy Crystal said "we'll always have Paris", the liberals will always have Bush!

  5. I have a date for you, given to me by a libbie on another site: 09/10/09; this was the date because "wait and see" was what we got courtesy of "my guy" on 09/11/01.

    So if he doesn't have his act together by 09/10/09, Obama is equally the failure "my guy" was (regardless of the fact that "my guy" in 2000 and 2004 was Ralph Nader, and I fail to see how he had anything to do with 9/11, but I guess that's LOGIC FROM THE LEFT speaking).

  6. Are you joking??? He has been President for less than 90 days and you expect him to fix Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Piracy, the economy, Iraq, and every other problem facing America already? After everything was neglected for the past 8 years? Great - maybe he should have also found Bin Laden & Natalie Holloway, solved Global Warming, and fixed immagration too.

    Just because you don't know the plan don't automatically assume there isn't one in the works. I heard people screaming that Obama was igoring the Captai being held hostage and oddly surprise surprise - he wasn't. Would you people please try to give the guy - and our coutry a chance before you plan for failure.

  7. I think you are the one joking. You think it was his decision to take out these so-called pirates?

    I keep asking you for the number of days it will take until the libs think that the Obama administration needs to take ownership?

    Will it be sometime after his presidency is over in 4 years?