Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Tale Of Two Bows (U.K. versus Saudi): Let's Go To The Videotape

Is It A Bow, Or Is It Not A Bow. You Make The Call!

Like in any heavyweight fight, we always have the tale of the tape that gives us the particulars of the combatants. Reach, height, weight, record, knockouts, wins by decision and more.

In the case of the controversy over whether President Obama did or didn't bow to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, we have heard excuses from the White House that it was not a bow, but merely a height issue. After all, President Obama is much taller that the King and in order to shake both of his hands bending down would be necessary. However, upon looking at the tape, it turns out that he is even taller than Queen Elizabeth ll.

President Obama: 6' 1 1/2 "
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: 5' 6"
Queen Elizabeth ll of England: 5' 4"

As always in politics, the attempted cover-up is always worse than the indiscretion (although maybe not in this case). Simply step up to the plate and let us know why you would choose one or the other monarchs to bow to, but more importantly, as President of the most powerful country in the world why you would be bowing to anyone.

This event does not have the impact or importance of the rescue of Captain Phillips from the Somali pirates, but perhaps it gives a look into the goings on within the mind of President Obama. Let's go to the videotape.

So as the tape clearly shows, the Queen of England received a nod and the King of Saudi Arabia received a bow from the waist.

Handshake, nod, bowing from the waist, isn't it all the same? Is it really that important? Maybe, maybe not.

For one, after winning our freedom from the monarchy in Britain, we earned the right to not have to bow to anyone again.

Second is that while Saudi Arabia is an ally, they are also proponents of Sharia law, one of the strictest forms of Islam and one which metes severe and often deadly punishment for crimes, many of which we would consider to be minor offenses.

If Michelle Obama lived in Saudi Arabia, she would be forced to live life in a much different way than she does as First Lady.

"...Under Saudi Arabia's strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, women face severe discrimination, particularly in matters like education, employment and the justice system. Although they make up 70% of university enrollment, women comprise only 5% of the Saudi workforce. They cannot travel abroad, be admitted into a hospital, be examined by a doctor or leave the house without permission or in the company of an immediate male relative. There is no basis for such restrictions in Islam...

...In an embarrassing display of law enforcement, the Saudi government convicted and sentenced the widow to 40 lashes and four months imprisonment for mingling with her late husband's 24-year-old nephew and his friend, after she had asked them to deliver some bread to her house. (Since her husband's death, she often asks others for help. The Saudi government claims that she has sinned.)"(Daily News)

The point for President Obama to understand is that every action that he takes and every move that he makes is being scrutinized by the entire world. He needs to explain his actions in an honest and clear way, and not rely on his minions to conjure up excuses that do not make any sense.

The cover-up is always worse, particularly in the age of 24 hour news.


  1. hey mike, no one knows how to bend over like you...you've been taking it that way your whole life.....from now on the 2 people who read this blog will refer to you as "THE BEND OVER BLOGGER"

  2. I have a great idea. Let's make it one and move on pal.

    Why don't you go to NPR or The Huffington Post and hang out with the other kool-aid drinkers that can't see how your messiah is destroying the country.

    Instructions: Anaonymous now responds with a reference to George Bush, Rush or Jindal.

    You my friend are a mindless moron without any common sense. See ya.

  3. dear "BEND OVER BLOGGER" the greatest thing is that assholes like you have a solid and probable 4-8 years of my messiah...it's guys like you that go against anything positive ..just to be negative...up the meds mike obama is here to stay and your individual voice means shit

  4. Mike,

    You're post is reasonable and completely non-inflammatory. You're not slamming President Obama in the slightest, but merely pointing out that it's obviously a bow and that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.
    The response from anonymous, aside from being incredibly rude, doesn't comment on the points you've made.
    If President Bush had done the exact same thing I doubt anonymous would have the exact same response.

  5. Agreed. I think that Anaonymous is typical of liberals in that their responses tend to be angry, not thought out well, not typically addressing the topic at hand and backwards looking in the attempt to always place blame.

    This is as opposed to being in the present and accepting blame.

    Thanks for the thoughts. I am now going to watch the daily Obama show on T.V.

  6. hey mike ..there is your other reader bsw..i told you that you had 2 readers..good job mike....keep blaming clinton ..and by the way how dare obama have a portugese water dog..why not an american water dog..is bo short for bolshevik? your a hypocrite mike..why does bsw refer back to bush..you guys hate referring back..it's guys like mike that make me rude..and lets discuss the bad way our president handled the pirate incident

  7. Good idea. He didn't handle it, the Navy Seals did. He did make us look weak though. Keep up the good work!

    Obama is the Commander in Chief in charge of Portugese water dogs.

  8. "...up the meds mike obama is here to stay and your individual voice means shit."

    Spoken like a true Fascist - "I have power, power is what is important, your voice is irrelevant."

    Mike, I thought your "tale of the tape" approach was simple enough to be profound. Good job.

  9. Thanks. It did seem to be a fairly cut and dried event but the liberals will overlook anything, even indications that our president has more respect for the Saudi's than Britain.

    Scary stuff.

  10. I saw the excessive bow not as a matter of greater respect for the Saudi prince than Queen Elizabeth as a faux pas that highlighted Obama's lack of 'gravitas' and, as he's the (some say) duly elected leader of the free world, a humiliating bumbleheadedness.
    Wonder why that subject never came up during the election?

  11. Couild it have something to do with the incredible bias of the media that is even more disturbing now?

    Thanks Molly.

  12. "obama is here to stay and your individual voice means shit"

    that's really reaching across the aisles bi-partisanship, isn't it? all talk for libs. and as usual,rudely.

  13. hey mike, looks like you have 3 readers of your blog..congrats...glad i can come up with something they want to comment on...maybe i should take over for a while to help increase readership than hand it back to you...love, anonymous

  14. Actually, what you should really do is sit down with all of the great thoughts you have and write something yourself.

    Put yourself out there a little. Put your name on your ideas and own them. Tell people your name instead of hiding behind the most idiotic pseudonym of all.

    I think the problem might be that you have no ideas, and are afraid to have people comment on things that you think (if you actually have any cogent thoughts).

    Come on niw little buddy, don't be afraid, write something and if it is good and makes sense maybe I would use it for the old fair and balance approach.

    The only caveat would be that you would have to use your name. I guess it won't be happening.

  15. not with your violent tendencies

  16. Hey Mike saw your post and I have seen all the disturbing footage before. Looks like a bow...I would like to maybe stick my neck out and say Obama has more respect for..well pretty much anyone other than Americans. What do we know anyway..we're all just so damn arrogant and have done nothing good for the rest of the world anyway. Let me be the second (behind Obama of course) to apologize to the rest of the world.
    I think it's very appropriate for "Anonymous" to keep his current unknown name. It's simple and gets a head start to fitting in with all the other liberal "drones"..having a name and actually using it would almost mean you are an individual. Certainly not on the liberal agenda. Which is why he/she makes referrence to your individual voice means shit. That's what libtards want you to believe..seems to work on some. What a shame.
    Keep up the good work Mike. I guess that makes me reader #4?