Thursday, April 9, 2009

Somali Pirates Go American Because They Think They Can!

An American Flagged Cargo Ship Is Attacked By Somali Pirates

I am going to try and not turn this discussion into a commentary on the world's perception of the strength and resolve of the United States under the Obama administration. Okay, I tried and then I tried again, but I just couldn't do it. The fact of the matter is that other country's or even pirates would typically think long and hard before attacking an American flagged vessel. And then not do it. Why? The real and frightening potential for swift and harsh action.

Armed Somali pilots who are seizing ships in the Gulf of Aden. Dozens of vessels have been attacked over the last several months prompting US/NATO involvement in the region.

The fact is that every action typically has some reaction. The Somali pirates must have thought about it, discussed it among themselves and come to the determination that there was really not that much to fear. They, like others, seem to have figured out that President Obama is a great speaker (most of the time particularly in front of a teleprompter), but that his bark seems to worse than his bite.

If we look at recent events such as the blatant disregard of the warnings to North Korea not to test fire a missile, at the same time President Obama was overseas on a meet and greet tour specifically discussing nuclear disarmament, a fear of any retribution obviously did not exist.

Not to pick on any of our allies, but let's use France as an example of a country that would be considered a likely choice to give in to terrorists quickly and easily. The United States would now appear to be viewed in the same way.

I would like to take this opportunity to say to President Obama that he needs to observe what is going on around him and take it all in. Nobody is saying that establishing a stronger, more friendly relationship with our allies is not a good thing. Having more open communications with them is great as well.

But at the end of the day, when push comes to shove and military force has to be used, who will be the leader if not the only participant. That would be the United States.

My suggestion therefore is not to be afraid to be tough and firm because you don't want to be called another George Bush or of possibly angering our allies. You need at the very least to create the perception and belief that you are a man of your word and are willing to back up what you say with action. Not a provocateur, but strong.

You are not in office to make friends. You are in office to protect the American people and advance our interests and if in the process you improve our relations around the world then that would be a bonus.

Remember that there is a fine line between being a good ally and becoming weak and vulnerable. Observe the actions of those that would like to do us harm, and as much as the Democrats ridicule the last 8 years, consider the fact that we have been terror free. Do not give in to the temptation to use the United Nations as our voice, guide and decision maker.


  1. hey lets get bobby jindal out there....when he spoke he seemed a little retarded with and without a tele-prompter....that being said..check who was president...9/11...and by the way mike please tell me if there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq...bush fucked up our middle east foreign policy for 20 years just to kill sadaam for daddy....osama bin laden bush embarressed our the way bin laden is doing a tour of 5 star hotels ..somewhere....obama pulling out of iraq and focusing on the real danger afghanistan...i haven't heard bobby jindals feeling on these issues..oh republicans are hiding him in new orleans teaching him to talk

  2. What does any of that have to do with the fact that under the new administration the world now views us as weak and vulnerable, operating with no fear of any retribution other than a worthless U.N. Resolution and a corrdinated statement from our allies that will sound tough and mean nothing?

    How about addressing that in a cogent and coherent way.

  3. lets attack iraq...afghanistan, north korea iran and a show of strength all at the same timeasshole...maybe your son will be can visit him/her in the summer like sleep a way camp

  4. Let's get one thing straight. You are a liberal scumbag that would be the first one throwing his hands up in surrender (even faster if you were French)when there was any danger.

    You can crawl into your pathetic little hole, blame everyone but your messiah for the worlds perception of our weakness and hope that the United Nations comes to our rescue.

    Next, I never said I had a son, daughter or any children so I wonder what makes you say that, but if you ever mention anyone but me again, all communications will cease.

  5. o.k. so you agree your a religious right asshole...who thinks only his opinion is right..your the reason your people have 0 say about anything for four years.stand on the side lines and watch my friend .....and stop blaming the'll eat your words one day

  6. Just because we don't take firm action against a hostage situation doesn't mean we're a weak nation or we have weak leaders. Should there be any serious threat against our country we would not hesitate to take any action necessary to defend ourselves, but to imply that a hostage situation is just as serious as war is kind of silly.

  7. Excellent commentary. I look forward to more from you. I'm going through your archives now.

  8. Thanks Molly. I appreciate the feedback and any other comments that you have.


  9. All well and good, but the Somali's couldn't care less what flag was flying. Hopped up on Khat, they couldn't possibly care less. All they see was Corporation after corporation paying 1, 2 and 4 million dollars. Why should they care what flag they attacked?

    Get off the Obama thing!

    He gave the order to the local commander:
    "Do the right thing. Protect the people on the pointy end of the stick."

    After 8 years of micromanagement from DC, like the Nixon years, it's about time the the commander on the spot gets a chance to "call the ball"!