Sunday, April 12, 2009

Somali Pirate Hostage Update: Shots Fired and Not Returned

Late Breaking News, Sunday (4:50 EST): Hero Captain Phillips has been rescued by the Navy and is apparently unharmed!!!

MOMBASA, Kenya (April 12) - An American ship captain was freed unharmed Sunday in a swift firefight that killed three of the four Somali pirates who had been holding him for days in a lifeboat off the coast of Africa, U.S. officials said. (AOL)

North Korea, Iran and Now Somalia: The Tests Just Keep On Coming With The Grade A Resounding Incomplete

As an update we have still not heard anything from President Obama concerning the Somali standoff or our response , if any to North Korea, but news and pictures out of the White House indicate that a the long awaited first dog has been selected.

So to recap recent events, we are still waiting for a response on the North Korea missile firing from the United Nations, on Iran's Ahmadinejad reafirming his country's right to enrich uranium and on Somalia terrorists feeling they had nothing to fear hijacking a U.S. flagged vessel.

A new development detailed below is that the Somali pirates have apparently fired on a U.S. Navy vessel with no response. As discussed yesterday the captured Captain is a true American hero, a man who put his safety and life at risk in order to save his crew. We can only hope and pray that he will come out of this alive and well.

We are now at the point, however, where this crisis is yet another test of the Obama Administration's resolve. So far, silence, even in the face of gunfire aimed at a Navy vessel, seems to be the course of action. What's next? I am not here to say that this is an easy situation to resolve, but at some point negotiations will have to be deemed a failure, and action taken. For fhe Obama Administration, however, in it's overiding goal of being liked and loved all over the world, talk seems to be the choice d'jour, even under fire.

"Early Saturday, the pirates holding Phillips in the lifeboat fired a few shots at a small U.S. Navy vessel that had approached, a U.S. military official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

The official said the U.S. sailors did not return fire, the Navy vessel turned away and no one was hurt. He said the vessel had not been attempting a rescue. The pirates are believed armed with pistols and AK-47 assault rifles."


  1. eat your words mike,looks like we shot and lilled the bad guys and saved our guygeorge bush your right wing hero would have been throwing out the first pitch during this crisis.then retiring to his ranch in texas or to camp david.....the man was seen 3 times in his 8 years as president by the media....i realize you hate when the outcome goes well for our president and our goes against everything you write...well tell your friends its too bad it came down this would of rather seen the mission fail too promote your right wing propaganda

  2. Nothing to eat. Thank God the Captain, a TRUE American hero was saved and that the Navy Seals were able to accomplish it.

    If I thought that this outcome was through the tough decision making of President Obama I would give him the credit, but if this opportunity to shoot the terrorists had not presented itself, the kidnapping crisis would drone on.

    The United States showed the world that they are able to attack our flagged vessels, shoot on our miliary ships and that we will stand by so as not to show the world that we are the big bad bully.

    President Obama is showing the weakness that those that did not vote for him assumed he would, and those that did vote for him did not care about.

    There is nothing to eat here other than the great fact that this mans life was saved. Keep living in the past while it is the future with this President that you should be worrying about!

  3. give credit where credit is due...mike....your blog is 1 sided as is your low IQ

  4. I gave credit where credit was due: Captain Phillips for his bravery and the Navy Seals for their skill.

    And what exactly is a one sided low IQ. I think you might be a bigger dumb ass than I originally thought.