Tuesday, April 7, 2009

North Korea and Iran: What Do Americans Think?

The Economy Yes, But Foreign Affairs Too!

For months and more the topic that has led in most every news venue has been about the economy, housing, unemployment, TARP, TARF, the banks and the new administrations handling of it all.

What has been overlooked to some (or even a great) extent, and a topic that has been discussed often here, is the fact that while the economic recovery is of the utmost importance, the threats that we face from our adversaries around the globe is equally as important. This is due to the fact that if nuclear weapons proliferate and spread to rogue states that would have no compunction about using them against us, the state of the economy will not really matter.

This was shown clearly over the weekend as North Korea defied the global cries and demands not test their missile, that in time they will be able to configure to carry a nuclear warhead capable of reaching our allies as well as us. And did it anyway. I imagine they do not have a fear of rhetoric and empty threats.

Poll Watching Will Help Us Focus On The Problem

As our politicians take a look at the polls that indicate the publics concern over the threats from North Korea and Iran, we will hopefully get some action that will include more than just reliance on the United Nations issuing more worthless Resolutions. The poll results are below, and the following clip is a spoof on the lack of fear that the U.N. instills in the leader of North Korea.

(Gallup)Americans were asked to state their levels of concern about a variety of international matters. While the long-standing issues of international terrorism, Afghanistan, and Iraq rank highest in terms of overall concern, it is noteworthy that Americans express similar levels of concern about the emerging threats posed by Iran, North Korea, and Mexico.

Key Findings

International terrorism concerns Americans most -- 88% say they are concerned, including 59% who are very concerned.

Americans are next-most likely to be "very concerned" about Iran's nuclear capabilities (54%) and North Korea's nuclear capabilities (52%). In terms of overall concern, the rankings of both are nearly as high as those of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Americans are slightly more likely to be "very concerned" about the conflict in Afghanistan (51%) than about the conflict in Iraq (48%). These ongoing conflicts rank second and third, respectively, in terms of overall concern.

The emerging issue of drug violence in Mexico is rated almost on par with concerns about Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea -- 79% of Americans are concerned, including 51% who are very concerned.

The military threat posed by China concerns Americans more than the military threat posed by Russia -- 39% are very concerned about China, while 25% are very concerned about Russia. While these threats are less worrisome to Americans than the others discussed thus far, more than 6 in 10 Americans do express some concern about them.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians concerns 72% of Americans -- ranking it toward the bottom of the overall list. Only 35% are very concerned.


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