Saturday, April 18, 2009

Media Bias Of The Worst Kind

Do The On Scene Correspondents At Stations Such As CNN Cover The News Or Interpret The News Based On Their Own Political Bias?

You Make The Call!!!

Reporters, as the story goes, are not covering a story in order to get the political point of their company or themselves across, but merely to give the viewers an idea of what is happening, "fair and balanced". The Tea Parties that took place on April 15th, and that brought in bi-partisan participation, did not receive that type of coverage at all.

The participants were either ridiculed if an event was covered, or these events that brought out somewhere north of 250,000 people were ignored. View the video, make your own determination, and if you are a CNN viewer understand the type of "information" that is being delivered to you.

"One reporter, Susan Roesgen, who "covered" the Chicago tea party for CNN, was downright confrontational with attendees she interviewed, challenging a protester who referenced Abraham Lincoln with "What does this have to do with taxes?" The man attempted to explain. But the reporter interrupted him. "Did you know that you are eligible for a $400 rebate? Did you know that your state, the state of Lincoln, gets $50 billion out of the stimulus? That's $50 billion for your state." She then tossed back to the anchor noting that "This is really not family viewing."(

Is that true, or is that the perception that a "news" organization was attempting to create?


  1. Hi Mike,
    Found your blog! Good stuff.
    Speaking of media bias, here's the fake NBC tea party video I told you about:

    http://VocalMinority.typepad.comThe Jewish Republican's Web Sanctuary

  2. Thanks Eric:

    I am going to check that out today. I am going to add your blog to my blogroll as well.


  3. fox news???need i say more

  4. Actually if you were capable you would. CNN and MSNBC in addition to the network news channels are the most biased "news" sources on the air.

    Theu don't report the news, they try and manipulate the news. Wake up A.

  5. fox news ..exactly what your works both ways asshole

  6. You are one warped guy A. If you weren't such a cookie cutter lib, I would say that you wouldn't be able to find your ass with both hands. Luckily, like most libs, it is sitting on you shoulders.

    Keep up making intelligent arguments. You are a poster child for your side.

  7. as oppossed to your poster children rush limbaugh and bobby jindal..same ticket 2012

  8. Good comeback. You broke open some new ground with that one.