Monday, April 13, 2009

How Do You Spell Hypocrisy? The Inauguration Mess

The Inappropriate Commercial of the Week

As promised the Monday inappropriate commercial of the week. Now sometimes these commercials are much more innuendo than pure sex, but use your imagination. Next week there will be nothing left to the imagination:

That Inauguration Was A Mess!

Look closely at the following picture .. Guess where and what it might be. Bomb blast in Moscow . Housing project in Chicago . Hollywood movie set. Aftermath of a tornado in Indiana . Answer appears at the bottom of the picture.

Inauguration A Nation Gathers

The man inset to the picture is from a commercial from when I was a kid. Floating through a river of garbage wondering why people felt they had the right to destroy nature and the environment.

This is not about politics,, this is just plain courtesy, respect, and being proud to be an American. I heard about the mess that the 1.5 million who attended the inauguration left.....

$21,000,000 Cleanup..... That's $14.00 each for the 1.5 million that attended! Guess none of them got it................Their idea of "personal responsibility" is letting someone else take care of them............

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