Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tim Geithner Makes The Big Time

Ineptitude Confirmed By Saturday Night Live

Long a left of center program that takes great pleasure in skits mocking the Republican Party and all of it's players, the fact that SNL has turned their attention to Tim Geithner would seem to suggest that he has in fact reached new lows of futility.

When he was originally nominated for the post and since, I have suggested that perhaps he was not the man for the job, and definitely not the man in the job. From various sources I received criticism for Would You Hire This Man To Do Your Taxes? , Geithner Talks and Markets Yawn and Tim Geithner Speaks among others.

Given the uncertain and weak state of the economy and ever changing bailout plans combined with the NO Vote being cast by the stock markets, how long will Tim Geithner remain in his job?

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  1. your right mike ,our votes will be for rush limbaugh for sec. of the treasury...won't that be fun..oxycondtin for all americans..