Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tensions Run High On The Korean Peninsula

What Are Our Foreign Policy Plans?

We know that we are negotiating with Russia using our missile defense as the bait for it's help in convincing Iran to end it's nuclear ambitions. Good luck with that one. What are our plans for another situation that is always on the front burner: North Korea.

There is no hypothetical here in terms of nukes or instability. Threats of war are commonplace from the North, and are typically considered to merely be the bluster of an unstable leader. Can we count on that? They are planning on test firing a missile capable of carrying warheads, threatening war if any attempts are made to intercept the missile, threatening to cutoff the hotline between the North and the South and saying that commercial aircraft could be at risk with a tone more sinister than their typical tone.

DMZ: North Vs South

What exactly are our plans when it comes to dealing with this part of the world. When Kim Jong-il dies, what will the new leadership look like? Take a look at the picture above. The tensions run about as high as tensions can possibly run. It is as clear as the look on the soldiers face. It would not take much of a mistake one way or the other for this situation to escalate out of control.

Madam Secretary of State, what exactly are we doing to protect both the United States and our allies in this situation? Mr. President, from some of the statements that you have made it sounds as if your plan is for deep cuts in defense spending. Is that the right move at the right time? (Whitehouse Press Office) Or is it meant simply to placate the left wing of the Democrat Party?


  1. weak blog mike..you feeling o.k.?you characterize the whole korean nuclear issue with the expression or lack of on this soldiers face..maybe he just has to go to the bathroom...

  2. He hopefully knows enough not to try and go on the wrong side of the DMZ.