Friday, March 20, 2009

Senator Chris Dodd: Can You Spell Mortgage Insurance?

Did I Say Mortgage Insurance? I Meant Mortgages and Insurance

The mortgage that I speak of is the apparent sweetheart deal he got from Countrywide on two mortgages that saved him about $75,000, and the insurance refers to the uproar over the bonuses paid AIG executives courtesy of a loophole left in the stimulus bill which prohibited "future" bonuses to firms receiving TARP money while retaining those that had already been contracted for. Dodd is the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

Being A Politician Means You Can Say What You Want, Not Mean What You Say, Give A Convoluted Explanation and Face No Ramifications!

Not to be used as an indictment, but simply more negative P.R. for an incumbent running for re-election in 2010, "the watchdog group Center for Responsive Politics reported Dodd -- a senator since 1981 in a state heavily dependent on the insurance industry -- received more than $223,000 in campaign donations from AIG workers between 2003 and 2008." (CNBC)

CNN, no great adversary of the Democrat Party, had this interview with Senator Dodd about his apparent flip flop on the details of the loophole in the bill:

This all comes at a time when the popularity of Dodd appears to be dropping if you believe in the polls:

"A 51 percent majority of Connecticut voters said they “definitely” or “probably” won’t be voting for him, with only 42 percent saying they’d likely support him.

A 56 percent majority of Connecticut voters said they were less likely to vote for him because of the mortgage controversy. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they were not satisfied with Dodd's explanation of allegations that he received preferential mortgage treatment." (Politico)

Not that the Republicans are strong in Connecticut (far from it), but this is vulnerability not typically seen.


  1. hey mike, your very bitter....unfortunatly every politician has skeletons in his/her closet....i believe it's possible to take any politician and have something to hold over their have a short memory mike..we just had a president (bush) who outright lied to the american people(weapons of mass destruction)how about trying to find some positive as opposed to spewing your right wing hatred in a partisan way..remeber mike your party's leader rush limbaugh is an addmitted drug addict and womanizer..

  2. hey mike...nailing politicians is easy prey...your smarter than that about being useful to society

  3. That is useful to society as most Americans have blind faith. That is why they can do one thing, say another, say I'm sorry and have no ramifications.

    The American public needs to know what is going on.

  4. Back to comment one. Bitter? No. Disgusted? Yes. Skeletons? How about illegal and immoral actions that get swept away by I'm sorry and life goes on.

    You and I don't have the same luxury with our "skeletons". We would go to jail for some of it and these guys get rewarded by becoming Treasury Secretary or the Senator from Ma. or just keep on keeping on in what ever job they are in because their cronies with the same skeletons protect them in order to protect themselves.

    Okay. Maybe bitter too. But not able to be baited by any Rush comments.

  5. This guy looks like he's going down. This kind of revelation is just the type that aggravates already angry constituents.

    - Angelo
    from Refinance Bad Credit Blog