Thursday, March 5, 2009

Response From A Former Republican

Comment and Response

This was a response in another outlet to the posts from a few days ago, Rantings of a Radical Right Winger and Where Is Our Treasury Secretary. The writer purports to be a former Republican who I imagine was disillusioned by the Bush years. It is consistent with other comments from Obama supporters claiming that he is a change agent who shows great leadership qualities. The other common thread is that he has only been in office x number of days. Gotta give him a chance they say.

Let's remember that throughout history there have been those with great leadership qualities, looking to create change who were great orators who brought the world to its knees.


I don't consider the question "where's our treasury secretary?" to be indicative that someone is a radical right-winger. I remember we used to play a game called "Where's Waldo, I mean Bush?" when the current crisis was building and then hit us all hard. That game was almost as much fun as "What kind of wacko thing will McCain do next?" or "What will Sarah say to make us laugh?" I think it would relevant to point out that the vast majority of Americans don't even know who the Secretary Treasury is. Fewer still are going to be as impacted by something said by Geitner. Did Paulson suddenly inspire confidence? Obviously not. Whereas Bush seemed to be in hiding and pushing subordinates out to deal with the heat, Obama shows leadership qualities. Whether or not you agree with his ideas, the world no longer thinks we have an idiot at the helm, no one thinks Biden really runs things behind the scens (can you say Cheney?) and Obama's making it clear, he's going to do everything he can to clean up the mess he's inherited. The only people putting politics ahead of country nowadays, ARE right-wing Republicans and their Leader, Rush Limbaugh. Hopefully, when Obama has actually been in office more than two months, the Republicans will quit trying to blame him in advance, for things they HOPE will go wrong with our great country, so they can further their partisan interests. This post brought to you by a former Republcian ;-)

My Response

Obama shows leadership qualities and a great gift for gab. If you look at the markets both here and around the world, however, which are really the only impartial arbiters that we have, his plans for the economy and for the banking system are getting a rousing thumbs down.

A leader knows when to recognize this and adjust. I think that the people that voted purly for the rhetoric of change are now questioning whether the new president is truly a capitalist, or is he the far left senator that he was portrayed as who is driving the economy into the toilet.

There was no honeymoon bounce in the markets and in fact since inauguration day we have gone straight down. While we may be here because of the policies of the last 8+ years, if the world had actual confidence in Obama's abilities to get us out of this there would be a relief rally and not a scared sh-tless decline. Forgetting about anyone else, there will come a time when the masses will look at the markets and their tax bills and their portfolios and come to realize that they may have made a mistake.


  1. "Let's remember that throughout history there have been those with great leadership qualities, looking to create change who were great orators who brought the world to its knees."

    He has brought us to our knees alright. We are praying every day that God will lead us through this. I am sure the number of people on their knees praying, has increased since the inaugeration, wouldn't you say!