Wednesday, March 25, 2009

House Republican Whip On Budget Priorities

Cantor on Budget Priorities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement as the House Budget Committee prepared to markup the Administration’s budget proposal:

“Last night, the President took to primetime to continue a public relations campaign for a budget plan that even members of his own party have concluded is far outside the mainstream. Republicans understand that families are anxious about their jobs, worried about their healthcare, and concerned about their savings. The President knows that Republicans will have a budget plan that will be considered by the House, one that will set clear priorities, and focus directly on growing the economy and reducing healthcare costs.

“We believe that the Administration’s budget lacks a clear focus, avoids making the tough choices America needs, and fails to prioritize the real problems facing this economy, working families, and small businesses. In his first budget submission, the President will amass more debt than the previous forty-three Presidents combined, leaving our children with the bill. Second, this budget will increase taxes on the small businesses that employ one in four American workers. Hard working Americans know that that is the wrong approach, and Republicans are focused on empowering small business owners to create jobs. Third, every day families across America are setting priorities and making the tough choices in their family budgets, yet the President doesn't in his, spending so much that even members of his own party are concerned.

“Finally, I am profoundly disappointed by the President’s continued failure to recognize the needs and value of charitable organizations. During difficult economic times, charities provide vital support mechanisms for families in need of help, and this budget is a direct assault on the financial resources they require.”


  1. lets move back into george w's's more in the mainstream..lets get back on the course we were on last sep't....instant replay

  2. I have a better idea. Stop looking back, what's done is do\ne good or bad, and Obama now owns our future for better or worse. You have an obsession and/or compulsion with the Bush administration. Did they make mistakes? Yes. Is it now only the future that matters? Yes. Your blind faith of Obama and lasting hatred of the Bush administation is clouding any ability that you might have to objectively look at what our futures might look like with the amount of debt we are loading onto our books. Take off your blinders my friend!

  3. unfortunatly, our country was left in a situation that was a first..a situation so dire (need i say more)that it has changed every global economic system..i agree we must move forward but as all jews know...never you criticize the current administration for not having done enough in 60 days think about the hurdles necessaray to overcome from the previous administration..again mike haltman ask holocost victims if its only the future that and your religious right friends are foolish for not getting on train. you have four years of this like it or not. how about you mike haltman giving it a go for our country...hoe about you exchange that negative attitude for something's attitudes like yours (doom and gloom) that is bringing us all down...;

  4. Invoking Holocaust victims as a comparison? I know survivors, do you? I think that you have finally lost your mind.

    I give the Obama administration credit for a lot of things. More T.V. appearances by any president I have seen. More proclamations of programs that as of yet have no process for implementation. More planned deficits than we will be able to crawl out from under.

    What you fail to grasp is that he owns this now. ake Bush out of your vocabulary. Go to Washington and help him suceed if you can because as you say my family, your family and the rest of the world depends on it.

    Have Tim Geithner get his head out of his a-- and get moving on implementation and not just proclamation.

    And most importantly, have your Democrat friends in the congress understand the ramifications of their populist and politically expedient rhetoric designed to impress and please the people back home, but which will help to render any public/private partnership idea impossible (90% tax on bonuses?)

    Finally, as a Jew I understand only to well the "Never Forget" mantra, and perhaps, to change the subject, you should think about whether President Obama is truly a friend of Israel, and exactly what his policy in the Middle East (Iran, Hamas, Hezbolah) actually is.

  5. hey mike, your bullshit is mea ningless to all but assholes will eat your words in a year or so....lets impeach obama and bring in bobby jindal to help rush run the country from rehab

  6. you love to have the last word mike...your the king of your blog